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Yesterday afternoon was crummy - I had a low that lasted for over three hours and I felt like that truck, chock-full o' penguins, had made another run through my body.  I managed a workout and trudged through two bottles of juice, holding steady at 74 mg/dl but feeling like I was teasing the edges of a low for hours.  (Yes, I should have skipped the workout, but I was feeling determined and, well, stupid.)

Later that night, exhausted and full of grape juice, I was finishing up some work in our home office.  I was feeling melancholy.  Moody, even. 

Then I saw her.

As though she had fallen asleep sitting up and had tumbled over, like a chubby man on a park bench. 

Mushed and asleep Sausage.

It struck me as so damn funny.  A laugh, louder than I expected, burst out of me.  I grabbed my ever-present camera and took a picture of my silly sleep Siah Sausage.

Funny how quickly that moodiness passed.  Thanks, Siah, for being a constant source of LOL.  (But don't think for a second that you can continue to torment Chris and I while we're sleeping.  You jumping all over our heads at 5:00 am is unacceptable.)


Glad you found humor in a low!!! Have you heard about this?


so the guy is diabetic (type not mentioned) and he used his water with lemon and sweet n low at the table to sort of make a drink and so they crossed out his free water on the bill and charged him for lemonade and now he's talking about it... I'm on his side. I know people mean well but if you have had issues in the past with getting sugar in your drinks, then I think it's fair to make it yourself with what is provided to you free at the table as a customer.

Freaking hilarious!

I miss my kitties but their foster home lets me come to visit them - well to bring litter, food, trim their nails, and drop of a check, but still :)


Before you took that picture, did you make sure Siah wasn't experiencing a low?

I hope you were responsible enough to check ;)

Oh now that is just too cute!
My babies are a great source of comfort to me when things are crappy too - but never have they made me laugh that much. Perhaps the sausage can teach them a thing or two :D

She is such an adorable cat! *snorgle*

Siah is adorable, but I'm with you on the 5am thing.

I have one cat that just would not leave me alone the other night. She'd push her (cold) nose into my hand or face looking for some petting and when she didn't get it, she jumped up on the bedside table knocking things off.

So I shut her out of the bedroom and then I had to put up with her paw under the door rattling it to be let in. AAARRRGGHH!!

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