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I like concerts.

Live music just does it for me.  The sound of the band, the pulse of the crowd, and the fact that no one cares that you don't know the words as you sing at the top of your lungs. 

Over the weekend, after a stint at the RIFF where Chris's short film Balance was very well-received, we joined Batman and Friends in Boston for the Muse show. 

Despite the fact that locks can be picked with lead singer Matt Bellamy's skinny frame, his voice filled the whole damn arena at BU.  They hit picks from every album, ranging from the dancing piano of Newborn to the throbbing chords of Hysteria.  (I'm a huge Absolution fan, so anything from that album makes me very happy.) 

Muse on stage at the BU arena in Boston.

And, of course, they let loose with the balloons.  The crowd went berserk.  (And so did I.  I can't control myself - they're so good!)

A few luft balloons.

Excellent show!  Almost as good as Radiohead at the Field Day Festival (fiasco?) a few years ago.  (I have a hard time deciding what my favorite concert is - U2 and Radiohead compete for attention in my heart.  Your favorite?)

Closed out Sunday on the beach with NurseBestFriend and by wishing a Happy Birthday to another friend (pursuant to the post-it on the visor of my Volkswagen).  Next weekend is the enGAGment party - I'm already charging my camera battery for that.  And my Speak n' Spell.


My best live concert: DMB (outdoors at Alpine and Summerfest). Most disappointing, DMB (Bradley Center). Live music rocks. There is something about the pumping and thumping of the music and the crowd, and the fact that the band is there, playing for you (oh, and the other thousands of fans).

P.S. I used to LOVE Speak 'n Spell!

I must accompany you and Chris to a concert some time. You go to the ones I would love to see, but never had the opportunity to.

Radiohead? Love 'em.

You know how I feel about U2 :) (that was a pun...sorry, I got kerri-ed away.)

Amylia - I've seen DMB a few times, and they are excellent live. The only complaint I have is that they jam out for like 23 minutes on one song. It's cool to jam out, but 23 minutes? For Two Step? A bit much.

Shannon - You are more than invited to join us to any concert. Because you're punny. ;)

You and Chris need to come to Cochella with taller half and me next year!

RIFF - I totally missed the boat again, didn't I, K?

Re: live music. Always amazing. Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Speak & Spell - the early versions had this really cool applause sound when you got something right - but my favorite was always "That is Correct..." Said in that sing-songy guy voice... Awesome.

Ooh, I like Muse. Great stage set. How awesome to be that drummer on that platform.

Crowded House on Friday was my most favorite concert. It was magic. Goosebump on top of goosebump.

The banter between Neil Finn and Nick Seymour was hysterical - Nick commenting on his Avant-Garde brand underpants he wore as a young boy.

Seeing Neil center stage, harmonizing with his son Liam on Better Be Home Soon, was an image I'll never forget.

I've seen a lot of great shows. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band took my breath away. BNL were hysterically funny and put on an excellent show. Foo Fighters/Weezer was unbelievable. U2's Zoo TV tour was mind-boggling. There was so much to look at, plus, I was, like, theeese far away from Bono, which is always a good thing. *drool*

I don't think I can pick a favourite. I've been to a lot of great shows....

Oooh looks like it was amazing, their stage is brilliant!!!!

My favorite concert that I've been to so far was U2 when they stopped in Chicago in May 2005 for the Vertigo Tour. It was my first trip and concert since I had been diagnosed and it was even more special because they filmed the show for their tour dvd. A very nice momento to have now. :)

So I pretty much *hate* concerts (crowds in enclosed spaces make me feel how airplanes make you feel), and I'm not even that much into music. That said, I had an absolutely amazing time at the Unlimited Sunshine tour when my friend surprised me with tickets (because he knew I love Modest Mouse). I enjoyed Modest Mouse of course but also had the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is seeing the Flaming Lips live (have you?), and I loved seeing Cake too.

slim pickin's in my concert repertoir. I did see the Rolling Stones in Munich, that was cool. Can't attest to the quality of the show though!

Best live performer I've seen is Lyle Lovett. I kid you not. When he performs with His Large Band... it's just amazing.

Last concert: try not to be too jealous, but we took the kids to see Aly & AJ, Drake Bell, and Corbin Bleu last weekend. I brought earplugs.

I absolutelty agree that there's just an indescribable energy and connection in live music concerts. The most entertaining performer I've seen in a while probably has to be Billy Joel. Good music. Good laughs.

I saw Muse play in 2004 in a modest-sized club in Rochester, NY shortly after Absolution came out. I fell in love with that album when it was released, and although it was the first Muse album I owned, I listened to it 24/7. I was thrilled that they were coming to Rochester a few weeks later.

To make a long story short, the show was so incredibly good that I knew that I would never see Muse in a cozy venue like that again since they were clearly going to blow up. And then they did (arguably). It was easily the best concert I've ever been to.

-Scott, recently-diagnosed Type 1

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