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LOL Diabetes!

When you think “chronic disease,” you don’t exactly think slap-stick humor. More like ketone-stick horrors. There is nothing funny about kidney disease or diabetic retinopathy. Testing blood glucose levels, counting carbohydrates, and keeping track of medications – all the daily tasks of diabetes care can become overwhelming, making it tough to find the humor in diabetes.

Which is exactly why we need to find the humor in diabetes.

This disease takes up so much of our time. There are very few moments in the day when I’m not at least considering my diabetes. And while I am not ruled by my condition, in order to survive and live a wonderful life, I need to focus on the details of diabetes to maintain good health. I need to maintain good mental health, too.

My grandmother used to tell me that laughter is food for the soul. My endocrinologist used to tell me that laughter is the waTake two and call me in the morning.y to achieve balance. Even Readers’ Digest told me that “Laughter was the Best Medicine.” This is true for people with diabetes, as well as people with other chronic illnesses.

I often find amusement in the places I find discarded test strips. Multiple daily finger sticks are a part of my daily duties, and the strips are expensive, so that’s not particularly funny. But finding a test strip in my shoe or seeing my little kitten trot by with one in mouth does make me smile. Priming my insulin pump is sometimes an arduous task, but my fiance walking by and saying I look like a mad scientist as I tap out the air bubbles from the cartridge makes me smile. It may not be funny to some, but it’s funny to me and it makes my diabetes burden far less heavy.

There are also phrases that other people aren’t able to toss around so lightly. The phrase, “I feel so high,” has a definitive meaning to a person with diabetes, but may raise the eyebrows of those who aren’t “in the know.” Or “Excuse me, I have to go shoot up.” Out of the context of diabetes, those words aren’t normally thrown around at dinner parties.

There are also the moments that you laugh because, if you don’t, you may burst into tears. I have experienced severe low blood sugar reactions where I’ve come to my senses and noticed juice staining my shirt, my hair stuck to my forehead with sweat, and my meter in a thousand pieces on the floor after having thrown it at the wall. Moments like these are enough to break you in two. But sometimes a laugh bubbles up from deep inside you, where you are the most scared and the most vulnerable, and it escapes. It gives you strength. It helps chase the fear away for a few minutes.

When diabetes gets a little tough, it’s hard to find that silver lining.

Laughter has a way of illuminating it.

LOL Diabetes

Therefore:  LOL Diabetes!

If those LOL Cats can make their home on the internet, why can't our diabetes humor?  Time to feed our diabetic souls with more than just insulin.  Siah, who has made it quite clear that she doesn't plan on paying rent any time soon, has chosen to earn her keep by playing Host at LOL Diabetes

Send your submissions to loldiabetes@yahoo.com.  Send anything funny:  Pictures, YouTube clips, essays, cartoons, one-liners, Overheard in the Endo's office-style comments - anything!  Anything that sends you into a giggle-fit and helps ease the burden of diabetes.

Please, keep Siah busy.  Otherwise she becomes very annoying and ends up dancing with the shower curtain at four in the morning.  Which rustly and loud.  And makes me crazy.  Make her earn her keep!


Great post. Great idea.

Way cool idea! I've got to start thinking now.....

This will be a fun website to keep track of! Thanks for starting it, Kerri.

Oh the puns that have potential to run through that site. I can't WAIT!

I SO agree about humor. I wish that I did this more often-- I think it would have been much more effective as a parenting tool and often wish I'd thought to make a joke of something rather than a fight.

That said, I just wrote a post (but haven't posted it yet) about this issue on my blog (maybe it has something to do with where the moon is). I linked to a posting called, The top ten worst suggestions commonly given to someone with a chronic illness. There's also some really funny stuff on the LivABetes.com website.

Thanks for the great idea, Kerri, errr...Siah. I get to see my own kitties soon (I haven't seen her in 7 months!), but they don't have jobs like Siah Sausage.

I often laugh at myself or my diabetic foibles. One thing I've noticed living in Chinese culture over here in Taiwan is that people don't really "get" me or get my humor. I think I'm a funny lady, but my jokes don't translate well, I guess. Thanks for the site, and another outlet for all us hams. :)

RIGHT ON!!! I have a feeling little Siah is going to be pretty busy - and that this site is going to be pretty damn hilarious. Oh if only I weren't at work, I'd be posting already. Thanks Kerri!

I freakin' love this! WOOO!!!

You're so creative! I love the idea :)

I love the picture you have for LOL Diabetes with Siah helping with your pump. My Shih Tzu, Sophie, dragged mine off one morning & I coulnd't find it on the nightstand where I left it. I was ready to freak out! I finally found it in the middle of the living room floor. Then I was able to laugh. What would we do without our pets?

Thanks for your comment!

About your entry, that's a great idea, just what I needed tonight! Too often I forget about finding the humor in diabetes.

So I'm not diabetic but I totally agree that without humor, our madcap adventures in chronic illness would get too frustrating. My friends have dubbed my nebulizer the Super Bong, and we have personalities for the various coughs and hoarse throats I get--I am currently doing a great Darth Vadar.

Anyway, good idea!

Awesome. Gotta love a good laugh!

If I didn't have a sense of humor about being a Type 1, I'd have ended it long ago. Man... I still remember the day I went to the hospital and was diagnosed... at the age of 33!

All I could do was crack jokes with the Doctor and nurses who admitted me with a blood sugar of 735! I was put on a insulin drip, then when no one was looking I got out of bed to make a phone call. And woke up with my glasses broken on my face and blood dripping from my fore head. The smell of those smelly things they use to wake you up almost made me sick and all I could say was, "Hey, who pushed me?" Yeah, right.

It was a real wake up call finding out what was going on.

Now I've been Type 1 for 10 years and actually, the way I've been forced to become more organized and disciplined makes me more focused. What about you? Hazy or lazer like? Me? From one to the other and back again.

Thanks for the blog Kerri. By the way, how's your diet?


Great idea!
Laughter is indeed food for the soul. Thank you for taking care of us all along through your wonderful website which is informative for our brain and the laughs for our souls.

I will have to think something funny related to diabetes...its been 2 years since being diagnosed.

The other day this week..its not diabetic related. But my son rolled up a piece of paper and put it inside one of his ears gently and walked around. I just made the connection that he was looking at my hearing aids/earmolds just before he did that. LOL.

I think you have a very positive outlook on life and dealing with your condition. Stay positive!

I'm probably 3 years too late to comment on this particular post but then 3 years back i couldn't give a damn about diabetes, type 1 or otherwise. My diagnosis at the age of 21 (around 5 months back) made me want to reach out.
Anyway, i so agree with you. Humor is a wonderful defense mechanism, when times get hard laughs must get harder. There is no other choice.
After all, "life is tragedy for those who feel, and comedy for those who think".
Thank you for your wonderful blogs.

chucc norris is the best friend i never had, and my best friend i never had.

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