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Magic Tongs Included.

Standard discussion between my mother and I when I was about nine years old.

"Ma, can I have this twix bar?"

"No, Kerri.  Let's save it for when you're low."

This logic always sucked, as far as I was concerned.  When I'm low, I can't enjoy anything I'm eating.  Saving the "good snacks" for a low sounded like a waste.  Usually, I'm sucking down a can of juice or munching on something laced with sugar, but not tasting it.  Panic eating.  My tastebuds are in time-out when I'm rocking a low blood sugar.  They're in bed with the comforter pulled up to their tastebuddie ears, pretending they can't hear the Twix bar knocking at the door.

"Let me in!  I taste good!"

Now that I'm older, I don't bother "saving treats" for when I'm low.  That's akin to tossing them into a kiln.  I'd rather treat with bland tasting juices and save that Twix bar for when I can actually enjoy the taste.

Yesterday, at the diner near my office, I went in for an iced hazelnut coffee and became distracted by a candy display on the counter.

"Oh, I've seen those before.  My son has had them.  He loves them."  My co-worker nodded approvingly.  I grew up with Nerds candies and Fun Dip - what is this Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy?  (Made by Kandy Kastle, Inc, the company formerly known as Kan't Spell, Ink.) 

Oooh!  Magic tongs are included!

Magic tongs are included.  Yay!

Apparently, this candy comes with like seventeen gummy worm things and a pair of purple plastic tongs that light up.  Therefore, grabbing the gummy wormy thing with the "magic tongs" creates a lightning bug effect.  Therefore making the candy tremendously creepy to eat and difficult to mentally grasp, but tremendously cool at the same time.

Therefore, I had to buy it.

Unlit, squishy buggies.

Packing 31g of carbs for the whole package, this diner-sponsored treat wasn't much to taste.  The gummy worms were a diasppointment and they felt oddly squishy.  Little sugar slugs.

But they did light up. 

Oh, they light up alright!

And I proceeded to light them all up, eat a few, and toss the rest in the garbage.  I then proceeded to test the "magic tongs" on other things in my office, including the English ivy, a loose test strip, and my fingertip.

"Phone home,"  I whispered.   Was food ever this fun and pointless when I was a little kid?  Can this candy even be loosely classified as "food?"

Lazy SausagesLazy Sausages

Overall, Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy gets Two Arbitrary Lazy Sausages out of Five. 


I completely agree with the fact that you can't enjoy anything when you are low! I'd rather eat M&Ms, for example, when I can enjoy them and just take the extra carbs into consideration when I bolus. I have yet to try the glowworm candy...

It looks like gummy poo. Not something I'm going to be rushing out to try.

Now, the new dark chocolate and mint Three Musketeers bar? That is a little slice of heaven right there.

Those are siah sausages run over by a steamroller, ala Roger Rabbit.

Yeah, I would have HAD to buy those.

And you are so right. Why waste something yummy on a low?

Holy Krap those are Kool!

Must seek out and buy.

My kids would LOVE those. I wonder where I can find them?

Interesting what you say about taste buds. I'd never thought about it until now. I wonder if that's because your brain is so spaced out that it can't interpret the taste signals. I get the same problem, but only when very low (below 40 or so).

I also never took notice that I don't taste anything when my sugar is low. I'm so worried about just shoving food in my mouth nothing tastes good.

That is plain freaky. Are you pulling a fast one on us?? :)

If I save treats for lows, then for some strange reason, I have a lot more lows! I used to eat Smarties because: 1) They were fast to absorb and 2) I would NEVER eat them otherwise. Oddly there are people out there who do like them.

My friends would never let me get those. I'd be obessed with trying to get them to glow!

Yes please

Those look awesome. I must get Magic Tongs but Fun Dip rocks even without glowing goodness.

Some of my lows I pick up on when I begin daydreaming about pies and cakes and cookies and donuts. That's when sugary foods taste the best. Otherwise, yeah, it's a waste.

I would like some light-up tongs to pick up my gummy lifesavers (current low treatment of choice), though.

There are some crazy candies for kids nowadays.

I remember back in the day thinking it was the penultimate in progress when Hubba Bubba came into the market with bubble gum that didn't stick to your face!!

So, did the tongs light up your finger like E.T.?

That's so disgusting it's cool! I have never seen those. But I can imagine that if I do, I will HAVE to buy them. Just to prove to myself that they actually work!

In a funny OC/IRL/Kismet/Karma/Coinkydink moment, Jake came home from a birthday party with a goodie bag containing magic tongs. I may need to buy stock!

Please write more of these! I lol'ed so hard my ass lit up. ;-)

It seems we have different taste when we're kids. There are some things I enjoyed eating when I was a kid but could not tolerate them now.

thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful...

they are wicked gooood

ahhh.. glow worms ey? hmm. if they were sour i would love it! where can you get them from??

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