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Larry Potter.

I'm still not done with the Harry Potter book, but I only have about 200 pages left to go, so I'm getting there as fast as my tired, strained eyes can take me.   Working full-time and negotiating a number of side-projects has my reading time painfully limited.

Oh, but there's always the gym.

Chris and I are at the gym for about an hour every night, excluding most weekends.  Usually 33 minutes of cardio on a treadmill, stepper, or elliptical machine (sometimes doing 11 minute increments on each machine to mix it up a bit, or banging out the whole 33 in one swoop) and then about 15 - 20 minutes with resistance training and an ab workout.  My iPod, my meter, and my water bottle and I are a constant fixture at Undisclosed Gym, bouncing from machine to machine and occasionally singing out loud by accident.

But this week, not so much.

I'm the biggest geek of all time these days at the gym.  I have my water bottle, my meter, a bottle of juice, and a 750 page book balanced on the edge of the treadmill.  Forget the resistance training.  Forget any abdominal exercises.  I'm clutching the side of the seventh Harry Potter ... brick, really, and walking along for almost a full, joyful hour just so I can read the book.  I'm not willing to let the need to read supersede (whoa, holy rhyme time) my fitness goals.  And it's obvious that I have no shame and will bring the book to even the most meat-head of moments.

I can almost hear the guy behind me thinking out loud.  Larry Bird is a Deathly Hallow.

"Why is that girl reading a dictionary at the gym?  And why the hell is she muttering happily to herself every few minutes?" 

In my mind, he nudges the guy next to him.  "Do you see this?"

"Dude, I so see it.  Maybe she's learning English and that's why she's readin' the dictionary and stuff." 

They high five.

And I keep reading.  And walking.  And hoping that I don't drop this massive book on my foot.

Larry would be proud.


So is that the secret to Larry's magic? A little Windgardium Leviosa?

That pic is awesome Kerri! LOL

I finished the book last night (reading the last 200 or so pages)!

Guess where part of my reading took place? On the exercise bike! I just couldn't figure out how to balance the monster on the treadmill or elliptical - so I am very impressed!

Accio Six pack abs! LOL

That picture of Larry and Harry rocks!

Major kudos for being able to balance the brick whlie working out! I always used to read on the elliptical, back in the days when I actually WENT to the gym. It made the time go by faster and was much more enjoyable than watching CNN, which is all that was ever on the TV. :)

Larry Bird as Deathly Hallow - ROFLMAO!

Oh, dood. I SO have you beat. I brought Book Seven with me to see Movie Five. I read it while waiting in line and while waiting for the movie to start. That, my friend, is obsession, distilled and refined to the nth degree.

I LOVE the picture.

If Larry Bird is a Deathly Hallow, does that mean Tim Donaghy is a Horcrux? Just wondering..

I'm fascinated by the fascination everyone has with Harry P.

I'll eventually get around to reading them. It seems like such a long road though since I'll be starting from square one.

That book lasted two nights for me. I bought it saturday morning and finished it monday morning at about 2am. What's crazy is that my bro finished it on sunday morning at about 3am. When I was in CT I remember those long lines and kids being terrified that they would sell out. San Francisco on the other hand has more dogs than kids so nothing like that happened here as far as I can tell.

I just finished it last night - last time a book came out, I wasn't working nearly as much. Day jobs don't help my Potter Habit! ;)

For anyone reading this site and wondering if any spoilers will be posted, I can assure you I won't be posting any. I wouldn't want to ruin anything for anyone.

I often read while on the exercise bike, though I must admit the latest HP was a little hard to juggle. Smaller paperbacks are easier.

Bird and Magic again on the old Garden parquet. Those were the days.

Nice, Jeff. Very nice.

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