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Stubborn Kerri vs. The Infusion Set

Warning:  The following is sort of a gross post.  A "grost." 

I am so sorry to gripe, but diabetes is chewing happily on my last nerve at the moment.  After peaking and plumeting all day long for the past two days, I finally pulled the infusion set in my leg out to be greeted by spurting blood and a cannula clogged with blood.  Disgusting, but helped explain why maybe my insulin wasn't being absorbed in a timely fashion.

After mentally chastising myself - "Kerri, next time don't be so damn stubborn and just pull the set." - I hopped in the shower for a nice, infusion-free shower, where the shower pouf doesn't get caught on the pump cap and I don't have to worry about catching my razor on the gauzy edges while I shave my legs.

Ah, nice.  Warm, clean ... feeling better.

I settle down at my desk to put in a new set.  Fill the reservoir, prime the pump, wipe an IV prep over my right thigh in preparation for the set, and load the Quick-Set into the Quick-Serter.

Holding the insertion device against my thigh, I press the buttons and the spring-loaded device clicks forward with a distinctly dragging shunk.

"What the hell?"

I try and pull back the Quick-Serter to see the set only to have it resist.  The infusion set sticky tape ended up stuck on the insertion device.  This is what I saw:

Pain in the arse.

Stubborn as always, I refused to pull the set out and use another one.  Damn it, I was going to make this work.  I pulled back the needle and gently pried the Quick-Serter away from the edge of the set.  Eventually, it gave way with a fluttery bandaid sound and I quickly pressed the sticky edges against my thigh, hoping they would stick.

Stubborn Kerri: 1

Infusion Set: 0

I This amuses me.wasn't sure if the site was working until I woke up this morning at 40 mg/dl and had to ask Chris, in that ethereal "dead" voice I apparently speak in when I'm low, to please get me some juice.  Now I feel like I've been hit by a truck filled with penguins, who are all carrying suitcases filled with bricks.  Because that makes sense.

Bouncing Blood Sugars: 1

Stubborn (Tired) Kerri:  0, for now

Here's hoping that diabetes lays low for the weekend.  (And not the hypoglycemic kind of low, you pun-filled Faithful Readers.)  Have a good one!


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Now I feel like I've been hit by a truck filled with penguins, who are all carrying suitcases filled with bricks.

That was a simply marvelous turn of phrase. Thank you.

That grost wasn't so gross.

I hate when those simple little things like changing a set turn out to be simply a pain in the arse.

I just started reading your blog and I just had to comment- truck + penguins + suitcases + bricks = genius!
I'll remember that next time I'm trying to outsmart my pump.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, (stubborn) Kerri:-)

Kerri - sorry to hear of your problems. My bg are high today for no reason and I too am being stubborn. The insertion site looks just fine..... EVENTUALLY correction boluses do work, but I need so much more insulin than usual I just don't get anything! Maybe I should follow you advice and just change the site?! Sigh - I am so sick of ALWAYS dealing with new problems.... I am glad your problem seems solved!

Hilarious... that is... In a very supportive and sympathizing way.

It wasn't blood-but I had a squirter once. Syringe in the thigh, depressed plunger, quickly jerked out... and a stream of novolog shot right back at me. Scar tissue you say? Maybe, but I'm going with "vacationing subcutaneous layer that just couldn't be bothered"

Now I feel like I've been hit by a truck filled with penguins, who are all carrying suitcases filled with bricks.

Kerri, sorry about your escapades with the set. BUT for my kid's sake..tell me that those weren't hockey playing Penguins on the truck!! It is playoff time after all.

Funny, I think that truck full of brick laden penguins took a turn down my street as well.

Hope your weekend improves from here on out!

I too hate it when the goo sticks to the serter, but I'm too frugal to throw one of those puppies away. If I can't get it, I call for reinforcements. I've never had to throw one away.

Keith-33, serter-0 ;-)

I love an infusion-set-free shower! A treat.....and on that note I have a site change to do....but first, my liberated shower :)

I hate those blood spruting infusion sets. It is like a champaign bottle being opened sometimes and I am never prepared with a tissue or paper towel.

Here is to a no-low-weekend!

I had the exact thing happen with a few of my sets in the last batch. Annoying as hell.
Hang in there!


That would be quite a sight, a a truck filled with brick-filled-suitcase-toting penguins! I hate when changing sites is a pain. And I especially hate when my site gets messed up and clogged. Hope your weekend is a lot better than your week has been. :-)

Thanks, Kerri, for helping all of the rest of us not feel like we are the only ones who experience these kind of problems! Its very comforting! I've been using the kind of infusion set that goes in at an angle for quite some time now (I used to use the same kind you have) and very recently switched to the 13 mm needle, rather that the 17 mm one. I don't use a serter with these, but they still can get sticky, just with my fingers! All in all, I prefer these, though. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

I hate it when that happens! I have done the same thing numerous times and somehow I figure out how to try it again and MAKE it work. Eww...but I haven't had blood just yet. Maybe after a few years on the pump, but I have only been on it over a year. Can't wait!

hey kerri!
sorry about your pump issues today..i hate when stuff like that happens. Expecially if you can't explain why your so high and you don't feel like changing the site..then you do and your low..thats just great...ohh and i was low this morning too-only 65mg/dl. (not as low as you...but still)
Anyways, have a great weekend! hope your BS dont give you too much trouble!

That new set certainly looked salvageable. Can't blame you one bit for trying to save it.


On the first one, yes Kerri, YOU WERE TOO STUBBORN!!!

Remember, it's your health we're talking about here, not something mundane!


Now, I hope get to feeling better, things get some but easier for you, and that your weekend is fun and relaxing.


Never replace your Quick-serter!! They did a redesign after the model you have.The white pieces that are perpendicular to the blue clothespin looking piece (I don't know how else to describe it) are missing from the new design. The infusion sets barely stay in the Quick-seter while you are getting ready to insert.
Just a friendly FYI! :)

Hi! How do I become part of this blog? I'm getting a pump in July and trying to prepare. No help from local doc who is against it. What should I expect? How do I get ready? Anybody have any good logbooks that include info on insulin/food/exercise?

We just switched to the Quickset for my eight year old so she could help change her site and now she is doing it herself (she has been on a pump for three years). She has had this happen lately and it was very reassuring for her to know she was not the only one. (Esp that you put a picture of it here). Thanks for all you do to share your feelings.

Hey Kerri - the same exact thing happened to me on Friday with my Quick Serter. I did the same thing too - can't throw a whole set away!

Got a kick out the "grost" thing! :-)

This happens to me at least once a month and it's VERY frustrating. I called Minimed and they offered to replace the "bad" sets. I've also see it where the sticker is larger than the serter...no fun.


Renée (4/13 10pm) --

take a look at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/. I would say it is _the_ place to go for pumpers with questions. A;ternatively, send email (felixk@mvps.org), and I'll be happy to direct you to other resources.

I can't count the number of times my serter has done that now. So annoying. I threw the first couple of sets out. not any more. I was losing too many!

Renee - I just tried to send you an email and it got bounced back. Can you email me? Kerri @ sixuntilme dot com.

I HATE when the tape gets stuck like that. Especially if you've had to remove a set early, it seems to be adding insult to injury

Kerri, can I piggy back this fund raising link off the comment? I'll be cycling to raise funds for Dr. Faustman's Type 1 research.
Support my Type 1 cure ride

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