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High Blood Sugar Blues

While it left me be for the weekend, I had a very diabetes-bloggable evening.

I came home from work and changed into my gym clothes.  Checked my reservoir – 19u left and I was edging towards the fourth night with my infusion set.  No problem.  I’ll go to the gym, come home, eat dinner, and then swap out the set after my shower. 

So the plan went according to … plan (I could have chosen a better word there but I’m going ahead with it as is) and my blood sugars cruised around 150 mg/dl during my workout, dropped to about 98 mg/dl before I ate, and hovering near 114 mg/dl before I pulled the site for my shower.

Ahhhh, free shower.

Hopped out, toweled off, and tested.  84 mg/dl.  Looks like my workout is still touching on my blood sugars.  No worries, because dinner is ready to roll and all I have to do is put in this new set …

F-ing sticky infusion inserter thingy.  Damned sticky tape got stuck again, only this time the site barely plunged into my skin.  I peel back the tape and yank the site from my thigh out of frustration.  In response, my leg decides to pretend it’s been hit by shrapnel and a spurt of blood leaps from my leg onto my spring-yellow bathrobe.

Slap a bandaid on the “wound.”  Make nice with Infusion Set No. 2, which also decides to become stuck against the side of the Quick-Serter.  Maybe because I forgot to wipe the sticky residue off from the first set?  Maybe because every infusion set I own is reluctant to join forces with my body?

A steady stream of curse words lets loose from my lips.  Siah, who was cleaning herself on the chair next to me, stops mid-lick to shoot me a dirty look.High blood sugar sweaters.  Cableknit, at that.

I ready the third infusion set and it slides in without reservation.  Prime the pump, prime the cannula, and test.  184 mg/dl.  I love how stress affects my blood sugars.  I bolus the blood sugar down and head out to the kitchen. 

After a dinner of chicken and peppers, I’m feeling very sleepy.  Chris is watching tv on the couch so I lay down next to him and put my head on his leg.  45 minutes later, I wake up with a piercing headache, 13lb eyelids, and a cableknit sweater in my mouth.

378 mg/dl.

Too exhausted to get all riled up about it, I take a correction bolus, brush my teeth to untangle the sweaters, and lay back down on the couch.  Forget doing any reading.  Forget catching up on any work.  My body needs to recuperate.

Two hours later, before bed, I test again.  364 mg/dl.  Fantastic.

I shuffle over to the fridge and unzip the red ladybug bag (courtesy of my free gift from Clinque many years ago) that holds my syringes and open Humalog bottles.  With the orange cap between my teeth, I pull back 5 units into the syringe and inject it swiftly into my abdomen. 

“I’m going to bed.  I feel like garbage.”

Chris puts his arms around me and folds me into a hug.  “Are you still high?”

“I took a big bolus with my pump to bring it down hours ago, but it’s still up there.  So I just took a shot.  Can you wake me up at 2:30 so I can see if this shit is working?”

“Will do.”

2:30 am:  The cats and I wake with a start at the sound of Chris’s cell phone jingling in alarm.

Grumbly blood sugar test.  98 mg/dl.

“Finally.”  I blearily make my way into the bathroom to brush my teeth in efforts to rid my mouth of the final high blood sugar sweaters and then stumble back to bed.  Bloggable Batman

This morning:  73 mg/dl.

Can I blame a busted site?  Is my infusion set actually working or did the injection save the day?  Is my site even working now?  Will I ever be rich enough to yank out infusion sets without hearing cash registers chiming in my mind?  Or less stubborn?  Will any of these questions ever be answered?  Will Batman and Robin escape The Machine before being turned into mashed potatoes? 

Tune in next time.  Same Bat-time.  Same Bat-Blog.


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Every time I talk to Medtronic I bring up the idea of selling the cannula part of the set in a large bulk jar. They laugh, I think it's a great idea. I know that having an active kid(ice hockey, both b-balls, rollerblades, wrestling with 18 yr old brother, you get it)we go through so many of those end pieces.
Breathe in deeply and have a better day!

Yuk, what a lousy sounding day. I hate those rollercoasters, especially when it all goes really high. I seem to bounce back from the lows more quickly.

I hope today is way better. Are you on a CGM device? I think my swing days are much decreased since starting on one. It certainly makes me FEEL like I'm more in control.

Hol(e)y knitted sweaters batman!

I hate when that happens. About a year ago, I had bs spikes after about 40% of my set changes. This went on for a couple of months while my CDE, Endo, and three pump companies tried to trouble shoot. We never did find the cause, but I switched to a steel cannula because my psyche couldn't take 300's every two or three changes (not to mention the two to four sets I went through trying to get one to work).

Just another example of how our bodies, diabetes, and life are wierd sometimes. Best of luck, you are always so inspiring.

Amen sister. Amen! Don't we love those unexplainables? The ones that we can't control and can't seem to fix?
And the infusion sets! AHHHHH!
Thanks for living it with me.

Stress can do that and much more. I remember back in early 2005, soon after my dad passed away: for months I could not achieve good control, no matter what I did. :S

I love reading your stuff even -- if I don't have diabetes. Chronic illness is just that - chronic (not every minute in your face -- but never goes away either) and illness that is unpredictable and can put even the simplest tasks over the top.

Dang, that infusion set could go either way. If it were happening to Brendon, I'd let it go another day to see what happens.

Ugh. It can be so perplexing why have highs all of a sudden when it is a good numbered day. And it is a relief when it hits just the right numbers after a high number. I relate so well.

Kerri, why do I feel so bad for you when you have such excellent bloggable material?

I LOATHE infusion set issues!!!! I would like to add one giant ARRRRGGHHHHH for emphasis.

I'm sure it was mostly stress. I hope your site is working today. :)

I am curious if the site keeps working for you!

I agree with Maureen. Why can't they make just the cannula part??? I am forever pulling it out by accident (of course just as I have inserted it new) and I end up just putting in the cannula part, discarding the tubing so I don't have to waste insuling with a new prime. I realize Medtronic wouldn't be making as much money but it sure would help my budget!

Boooo high blood sugars! I had one of those nights a couple nights ago... it just would not go down! Took a shot to get it down for me too! But then it kept going down... and down... and then I ended up with what Wil (at LifeAfterDx) was talking about in his last post (a caveman low). I blame the site! :-)

its stories like that that makes diabetes so depressing. nice to know we all go through it together though and i'm not the only one.

Ugh. I hate it when that happens. I'm with Annie; I just insert a new cannula and discard the tubing & reservior so I don't have to waste the insulin. Why do these things stick to everything EXCEPT your skin? It's like Saran Wrap...sticks to everything except what it's supposed to.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & yes, I'd be honored to be on your blogroll.

Welp, this post sure was timely for me. My 74 fasting from this morning just turned into a 357 3 hours later, thanks to not getting any insulin at all . . . disconnected the pump from my site and got a veritable flood of eau de band-aid all over my fingers. Why didn't I get a "NO DELIVERY"? The world may never know, but for know I am pissed! :D Changing your site in a work bathroom stall is not fun....but hopefully better luck this time.

You know what really gets me about the whole thing. That we try as hard as we do and are still hit with this stuff due to site issues or whatever.

I left the basketball court today at 285 mg/dl. Felt like sloppy molasses and was as thirsty as I could be. You know why? Simply because I changed my site this morning.

For all of the fancy mechanical gadgets we have, the treatment of squirting insulin into "subq" tissue is still pretty damn primitive.

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