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"This is the part where you say yes."

Just before he proposed.He insisted on making dinner, cooking up a meal of pasta accompanied by a bottle of wine, and we dined on the porch of our cabin, overlooking Salt Pond Bay and out to the southern-most tip of the island.  We talked about our hike to Ram Head that afternoon and tried to decide what beach we wanted to visit the next morning.

We cleaned up our plates and enjoyed our wine on the patio, listening to the waves crashing against the rocky shore.  This Tuesday night was brilliant and clear, with thousands of stars in the inky blue sky.  We had seen so many gorgeous beaches and had so much fun, and we were barely half-way through our vacation.  Chris's birthday was the next day.  We were sun-warmed and relaxed. 

This was the easily the best, most relaxing vacation ever.

I ducked back into the cabin for a minute and when I came back out onto the patio, Chris got up from the table and dropped to one knee, a little red box in his shaking hands.

"Kerri, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?"

"Oh my God.  Oh my God, are you serious?  Are you really serious?"  My hands flew to my mouth and my eyes welled up.  "Are you serious?"

He smiled at me.  He was serious.

"This is the part where you say yes."

"Oh my God, yes!!" 

He slid the ring on my finger, where it remains (and the sparkle keeps distracting me as I type). 

I am very, very proud to announce that I am engaged to Chris - the man who inspires me, makes me proud, makes me smile every day, and writes my name in the peanut butter.  I love him dearly and am so proud to be his girl.

There are plenty of stories to post about our trip, but this one ... well, I just couldn't wait. 

His birthday night, after the proposal.


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How wonderful! Good luck to both of you.

Have you set a date?

Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations to Chris also.


Wow, CONGRATS! And what a nice way to go about it...

That is so awesome. I hope you both will be as happy as the big blue bear and I have been. Congrats to you both.

I knew it had to happen on your trip. (If it hadn't I was going to start to wonder, wtf?)

CONGRATS!!! (from both of us)

Congratulations to you both! It is a wonderful thing to find your special someone. Enjoy this time together..enjoy the planning and the crafting of a special celebration to reflect your love. The whole OC will be cheering you on!

that's so awesome. how romantic. and perfect. congratulations.

OH, I am SO happy for you, for both of you! These words, they look so little and insignifican..... I see them typed there. Close your eyes and try and understand how truly happy I am for you two!


Congratulations! It doesn't sound like he could get a sweeter person... (OK, pun intended ;-) ).

Congratulation!! You are a beautiful couple!

Congratulations! Post a ring shot when you have a chance.

Congratulations!! How romantic! :)

Well it's about time!!! I am so happy for you both, Chris and Kerri!!! Demarco is crying under the bed, his heart is broken. I could positively burst with excitement for you both! You are the most gorgeous, true-love-story- couple ever, and enjoy every second you get to spend together.It's ok Demarco...she still loves you too... Katexxx

Kerri, congratulations!!!!


Beware of looking at your left ring finger too much while driving - my sister-in-law said she nearly got in about a billion accidents while thinking, "Ooohhh.... sparkley!"

Congratulations, Kerri - that's wonderful and what a romantic proposal! Now, where's the ring? We must see a pic and SOON.

I'm mentally jumping for joy over here!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and I can't imagine a more romantic place or time for Chris to have asked you!!

I'm really really soooo happy for you two.

Congratulations, Kerri. I'm very happy for you.


Congratulation, Kerri! You must be so happy!

Congratulations and he's a lucky guy! Most certainly, we're thrilled for the both of you.

- christopher

Way to go! That is wonderful. Such happy news for you both, and the perfect setting for the big moment!

Congrats to you both! Make sure you post a good picture of your ring!!! :)

Congratulations and best wishes to you both.


Okay I saw it on facebook, but I had to read your blog to get the story! Congrats again!!

Holy cannoli! Congratulations!

YAY! Best Wishes!!!!


Congratulations to you both!!


ring picture! ring picture!



Congratulations to you both!!! Definitely show us the ring!! : )

So, er, um...how was the rest of the trip?

Congratulations! Random Tuesday nights will never be the same, eh? Have fun making plans :)



Whooooo! Congratulations to both of you!

That's so romantic, I can't stand it.

I know you won't take my advice, but I can highly recommend the hassle-free option of eloping. No fuss, no muss, and then you can throw a kick ass party when you get back.

OH MY GOD!!!!! This is FANTASTIC! Congratulations to both of you! Being engaged is one of the most fun things I have ever had the pleasure to experience! Enjoy it and have a blast planning the biggets party of your lives!

Congratulations, Kerri & Chris!

Congratulations to both of you! That's wonderful news!


Congratulations. My wedding date and all the events that lead up to it are some of my best memories. Soak them all in.


I am so happy for you Kerri!

Congratulations to you and Chris.

Congrats Kerri and Chris! I'm so excited for you!

What a great proposal! Congratulations to you both :)

You'll have to write lots about the wedding planning as it all unfolds... so fun!

Oh my gosh, congrats! I got a little teary-eyed reading this, I have to admit.

Yes, I am just that girly.

If you need any advice about wedding planning, you know where to find me. My planning style was pretty lax, but I like helping people!



Best wishes to both you and Chris.

Congratulations, Kerri and Chris! This is wonderful news. :)

Mazel tov, Kerri!

I knew it!!! I was thinking that he would propose while on vacation! He is awesome! You two will have a wonderful mariage together! Congratulations!

Woohoo...congratulation to both you and Chris!!

Congratulations!!! I hope you both enjoy a long life of happiness and health together.


When I read the title to your post, I got goose bumps because I thought I knew what was coming.

And, I was right. When you got to the proposal part, my eyes started tearing up.

I'm so happy for you!!!!

And, way to go, Chris!!!!

I join everyone else is saying CONGRATS!

I know I already gave you a hug, but I just wanted to say congrats again!


The most heartfelt congratulations to you and to Chris. It couldn't have happened to two better people!!!
I can't wait to see the ring, hear about your trip and what the plans are for the future!!!!!
You both are very lucky to have found each other!!!

Awww yaaay!!Congratulations!!!

Thank you so much! I am so excited and can't wait to post details about our upcoming wedding. :D

(And no, there isn't a date set but there will be soon.)

Congrats Kerri!

A big, huge, gigantic

So happy for you.


I just said to myself, I should check and make sure Kerri got engaged on her trip. ;)

Very happy for you both!

We were betting that this was going to happen at the OC dinner on Saturday... I'm so glad it did!

Drop me an email with your address and I will happily liberate a couple of wedding planning books I no longer need...

Huge congrats to both of you!

WOW! Look at all the comments!! LOL.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been just WAITING for him to pop the question to you! WOOO HOOOO!!!

I am so very, very happy for you :) I wish you and Chris all the best (((((HUGS)))))

Note: From a long time reader of your wonderful blog and a fellow diabetes victim with a daughter your age I sincerely wish you.....

Congratulations and have a wonderful long life !

Congratulations, congratultions. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. What a great guy he is.

Oh my god! I am soooo happy for you! Congratulations!

I was smiling at the title...and my smile is bigger now! :-)

Hey congrats you two....Im soo excited im going to have another brother and a whole other family...Im really happy for you both....This is soo exciting..Love ya both......Courtney

Of course I am tearing up as I read this. I'm so happy for you. I will marry *my* Chris in just four months. Amazing to find the perfect guy for you... and one who loves you nevermind about the 'betes!!
All the happiness in the world to you two.


Aww Congratulations Kerri!!! :)

OMG! That is sooo sweeet! Congratulations Kerri! (and Chris)!...You two are so cute together...I'm guessing you had a fantastic trip?!

oh and by the way. my name is Jenna and I commented on your last post (kind of introducing myself)!

Kerri and Chris

Congratulations to both of you. Kerri, I think your face must be locked in a permanent smile. :-)

We're coming up on our 13th wedding anniversary. Despite ups and downs I wouldn't trade a single day.

I hope that the time between now and 13 years after your wedding goes every bit as wonderfully for both of you.

Such news, it makes me extra sparkley. Like something that would sparkle a lot if it was real happy.

may your chickens be plentiful,

Congratulations Kerri and Chris!!!! I was thinking the other day about you and wondering how your trip was going...I was miserably bored without your posts. And then I thought to myself...I bet she gets engaged on this vacation. I just knew!!!! Yea!!!! I can't wait to read your wedding plans posts. :)

that's wonderful, i'm not at all jealous!

wow, 79 posts, you're popular!

Congrats Kerri & Chris! When is the wedding date?

congrats to both of you!!

Looks like I'm late in the game, but congratulations to both of you!!


Congratulations to you both! I am so happy for you!

Congratulations to both of you. This is probably the most used word(congratulations) that you have been hearing this week. The Radiance of your Happiness is so powerful as to extend from your Photos to me.

Congratulations! May the two of you have a long and happy life together!

Congratulations to you both!!

congrats!!! so happy for you!

(sigh) Well first off--congratulations to you both---if ever there were a star and a portion of sky meant for each other--it is clearly you two. And how you will glimmer as one. Thank you I guess is in order also----you two work very very hard at...well...everything......amazing that. The harder you work the 'luckier' you become. I thank you for as a dad to a daughter, not so far away in age, who has a drive like you and jumps hurdles like you---it is my hope she finds her prince someday who really, really understands, like you; as well. A dream is a wish your heart makes isn't it. Remember that laughter is the ballet of life......now dance. OMG I sound just like a dad.........

Congratulations! I am so excited for you both!

What wonderful news :) Congrats, and I am sure you will live happily ever after together.


OMG, I am so freaking happy for you guys!


Awesome! Congratulations!

Congratulations Kerri & Chris - enjoy the rest of you life together!!

Hi, Just wanted to make you aware that it was I rather than Annonymous who posted.
Congratulations to both of you. This is probably the most used word(congratulations) that you have been hearing this week. The Radiance of your Happiness is so powerful as to extend from your Photos to me.
Posted by: Anonymous | March 27, 2007 10:59 AM

Congratulations Kerri!

Congratulations!Savor each moment:)

Congrads to both of you.

That is so wonderful!!
Congratulations - geesh, I"m so excited for you and I don't even know you (and yet, I do!) :)

Congrats, Kerri! You've got a keeper! :D

I had chills reading this story! Congrats and best wishes!

This is the first time that I have posted a comment on this site even though I read it religiously. I am soooooo very happy for you and Chris both. You seem like the perfect couple. I look forward to reading your posts everyday. My 12 year old son, Dakota, is a Type I diabetic (sorry about the labeling) and the post on this site keep me sane. Thanks so much and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Oh that is wonderful! I'm so very happy for you both. Congratulations!!!

Oh my God, Kerri! Congratulations!

Congratulations Kerri and Chris! Fantastic news :)

Congrats Kerri and Chris. May the 2 of you live forever in happiness. You both are truly lucky to have found each other.

This is a wonderful picture! I am very happy for you guys :) Congratulations.


Congratulations Kerri!

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