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Crumbs Morrone.

The Feelings:  Weak, flushed, and slightly nauseated.  Like I’m trotting around with a high blood Sick Until Me.sugar but I’m really only 152 mg/dl.  Unbelievable headache, like I’ve never experienced before.  Dehydrated, miserable, and unfocused.  Obviously the flu shot does nothing to protect from the plague.

Did I mention whiney.  :)

The CVS Checklist:  Kleenex, Children’s Motrin chewable, power bars, and sugar-free cough drops.  Maybe something trashy to read, because celebrity magazines are known to reduce fevers in bloggers. 

The Mission:  Make it through today at work and then go home to collapse immediately into bed, possibly eating some soup beforehand but I don’t really care if that happens.  No gym today.  My body doesn’t appear to be capable of anything other than being pathetic.  I need to sleep.  I feel like Crumbs Morrone. 

Back tomorrow, once I find myself capable of stringing together more than a few words. 


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I am writing you a script for People magazine to be filled stat. Feel better!

I hope you feel better soon!

Feel better, my dear. :)

Its no funny being sick!

Hope you are feeling better!


Trash magazines are a proven cure! May I prescribe People, Cosmo, and Glamour? Feel better soon!

I hope you feel better my friend!

Feel better, Crumbs.

I hope you feel better Kerri!

Those flu shots never seem to do much. I got one about two months ago and spent last week in bed anyway.

Get better soon, Kerri! Advil ligui-gels do the trick every time for my headaches. Sorry you are under the weather.


I hope you didn't get what I had for most of last week.

Sleep lots. And feel better real soon.

feel better soon!

Reading over your symptoms again, I hope you don't have a sinus infection! Those suck.

Oh, I hope you feel better right away! Sending healing thoughts...

Hope you're feeling better soon Kerri - perhaps you could get your spam filter to get rid of your plague ;)

Aww :-\

That totally sucks, get better soon!

Hot toddies, Kerrie. Or at least a nice, soothing glass of whiskey. I hope you feel better soon.

Yay, I can post again! Thanks Kerri - hope you're feeling better.

Ack - I hope you're feeling better by now (and why yes, I am a bit behind in my reading...).

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