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About Abby Bayer.

Abby the PersonMeet Abby Bayer, who is brave enough to grapple with my rambling emails at two in the morning and help out with some of the editorial and web stuff here at Six Until Me.  Her official title is "Editorial Assistant" but her unofficial title is "She Who Saves My Sanity and On Occasion Dresses Up as an Alcohol Swab."

Abby has been living with type 1 diabetes since November 16th, 1998.  Currently a Registered Nurse, she's aiming to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner so she can have her own pediatric patients and help them live their best lives with diabetes.  She's been working and volunteering at Clara Barton Camp (my d-camp alma mater!) since 2008, in addition to attending and volunteering at the Circle of Life Camp in East Greenbush, NY.

And that's all the work/diabetes stuff about Abby.  But she's more than diabetes, too.  She's loves to knit and crochet (and doesn't care who knows it!), her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, and she enjoys rapping to Lil Wayne in her car (but admits to mucking up at least 75% of the words). But my favorite random thing about her is that she thinks it's hilarious when animals have people names, like "Shawn the Cat" or "Ashley the Hermit Crab."  (I guess now is as good a time as any to remind her that she shares a name with my cat.  Abby the Cat.)

One last thing:  She's a Yankees fan.  So she and I will be at odds from April to October.  No worries.  She can hang out with my husband, who also has bad taste in baseball. 

You can reach Abby at abby (at) sixuntilme (dot) com. 


DISCLAIMER:  Abby is a Registered Nurse, but anything she writes here on SUM, or on any publication associated with SUM, is NOT medical advice.  These are just her stories about her own experiences with diabetes.  Seriously.  If you have medical questions, talk to your doctor.  Again, seriously. Any questions?  Ask Kerri.

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