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Out of context, this early morning Dexcom graph looks like things are all figured out, with barely a bite into the hypoglycemic range.  It makes diabetes look easy.  It makes blood sugars look like they are something you don't even have to think about.

Hey, this looks okay ...

Until you see the whole picture, in context:

... oh, I get it now.  Yesterday you were high all day.  That blows.

Yesterday was miserable, blood sugar-wise, with numbers cruising around in the high 200's and not budging for hours, despite rage-bolusing.  I felt sluggish and exhausted, my brain cells thick with sugar and every word in my mouth swiped by hyperglycemia.  Hours with high blood sugars are The Suck.  It took a full infusion set change (new insulin bottle, new site, new location) and some exercise to bring things back into some semblance of "control." 

The big picture sometimes isn't pretty, but it's real.  And today will be better.  (I'm saying this over and over in my head, with my shiny new infusion set and this morning's Dexcom graph that's more seascape than mountain range, thankfully.)  Today will be better.


Living it. Love you much. Thanks for sharing your big picture.

I appreciate the "real-ness" of this post. We all go through those days...just helps to have a reminder that I'm not the only one with uncooperative days.

Ugh. I am right there with you. (thank you hormones)

I had a crap BG day yesterday too and rage bolusing did nothing. Grrr, diabetes.

Hopefully today will be better for me too! Thanks for this reminder about the big picture...

Hang in there! I have had some of those days and they indeed suck! Keep going at it!!

to the tune of "That's life" by Frank Sinatra
That's life, that's what people say.....
you're riding high at nightime, shot down during the day
But I know I'm gonna change that tune, when I'm back on top, back on top at noon"
sorry, Kerri
I couldn't help myself....=(

I'm with you. Sometimes med equipment just don't work out. Sites are compromised with swelling or bleeding. Frustrating. Here's to a good site to you.
Take Care.

I wonder if there was something in the air yesterday...My BG's were high all day and finally came down into range after lots of bolusing and 90 mins at the gym. Then I woke up low this morning, go figure!

We are twins! My day yesterday was also full of The Suck, despite infusion site changes and maxing out my bolus multiple times + injecting. Some new insulin and some tears had me right as rain, several hours later.

AMEN...love the CGM...hate the BIG picture (sometimes)..I now know that Italian food and Mexican food are killing me late into the night...LOL...Live and LEARN
I LOVE your site!

My daughter's(she's 7 1/2yrs) Dexcom looked nearly like that yesterday, too! Then during the night(she slept by me as when she went to bed she was 110 with 1.10 IOB...and I wanted her close) and I would hear this buzzing and I thought it was the Dexcom or the phone...and I'd check...they'd show nothing. Took me a few times to realize it was her pump. She'd exceeded her maximum daily amount of insulin. So she missed a bit of basal overnight. YES...today will be better:)

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