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Paper blood sugar logbooks were my arch nemesis when I was a kid (and I'm fairly certain my mother wasn't a fan of them, either).  My mother and I used to slap together my logbook the night before my endocrinologist appointment, using different colored pens to make it seem like we'd been tending to this data stream for weeks. In the days before meters could be connected to computers and when "clouds" were simply indicators of precipitation, logging the numbers and seeing the trends in my blood sugars wasn't the most streamlined process in the late 80's.  

When I was pregnant, the magic of the Kevin spreadsheet kept me in line best, because I was hyper-focused, but after the baby was born, maintaining a spreadsheet was much harder because I wasn't ever sitting at the same computer, meter in hand, for more than a few minutes.  As much as I love, love Kevin's spreadsheet for precision log booking, I am more consistent when I have a plug-and-play system to use.

Image credit to www.Diasend.com.  Or Microsoft ClipArt, which is what it looks like to me.

I've been fiddling around with Diasend for about two years, but haven't really dedicated myself to it until the last five or six months.  There are months when I upload once a week (my meter and my pump), and then there are months where I only log in once and dump all the data.  (And then there are months when I skip it completely.)  It wasn't until I switched to the Verio meter, and then figured out how to make my CGM data show up on the Diasend cloud, that I was going through the motions of data review more often.  (You need to have your clinic ID number configured as part of your Diasend account; otherwise, the CGM tab remains gray.  Getting your clinic ID number means you have to call your clinic, or in my case, you need to find the little freaking red moleskin book it was written in YEARS ago.  My organizational skills need some help, but I appear to be a professional packrat.)

I uploaded my data to Diasend yesterday for the first time in a few weeks month, and it was sobering to see the numbers in black and white (and red and light purple, indicating highs and lows).  I haven't had too many issues in recent weeks with extreme highs and lows, but it is annoying to see more 200's than I thought were there.  At the same time, it was really nice to see that in four weeks, I've only had five meter results under 70 mg/dL, and that's with a fair amount of cardio exercise, so I'm okay with that.  

When it comes to the dance of the A1C, I'm less all over the floor now than I have been in the past.  I don't see fluctuations in the numbers, but the closer I get to my goals, the harder it is to see bigger changes ... kind of like trying to drop those last few pounds of baby bump flump.  For the last year, I've been working hard to tighten up my standard deviation and weed out as many lows as possible - especially after a low blood sugar last January that stuck with me, mentally, for months - to make my A1C result a reflection of actual control and not just an average of highs and lows with some shiny 100 mg/dLs stuck in for good measure. 

While Excel spreadsheets have helped me in the past, I'm hoping that the ease and compiled nature of Diasend will help me take these blood sugar numbers I'm routinely checking and make changes that improve my health. (Because otherwise, I'm sitting at my kitchen table with all these stupid wires and machines and making up my own curse words.)  Part of my goal of finding balance this year means using the tools available to me to make sense of this disease that sometimes doesn't even make a lick of something sensible.


I would love to have my CGM data on Diasend. I'll be calling my clinic today!


I I haven't even gotten as far as loading up and logging on to disend and that was one of my (missed) goals last year.

What a bright beautiful world it would be if all the effing devices were wirelessly enabled (wifi, Bluetooth, ant+ or that parrot that flies out of Fred Flintstone's remote) and all the connections we not cables but just happened.

I just listened to the 12/23 q&a Dexcom did with one of the financial firms (see there website under investors for a link) and that sounds like where they await to go with g5.

Comfort and Joy - wirelessly.

Maybe 2014

Where is the clinic ID # requested on Diasend? And why? I'm calling my doctor's office now for that info. Also, I've put in my g4's SN as requested but the CGM is still gray. Looking forward to all my reports being at the same location...Diasend. Thanks for all your help.

Oh my gosh - had no idea I could configure Dexcom data with Diasend! Since printing from Dexcom Studio on a Mac isn't super friendly, I was just wondering about this option! Yay!

I just love Diasend! I haven't gone to my endo since I figured out about the Dexcom upload option. Let's see how she feels about all those numbers - I LOVE them!

Love using Diasend. I've been sending my numbers off to my endo. She loves it!

The clinic ID is on the account admin tab, after you sign in. When I put my clinic ID in there, the CGM tab was somehow accessible. Magic? Glitch? Either way: yay.

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