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.... , please.

"Hi George!"

Test blood sugars several times a day?  Monitor and react to CGM data?  Count carbohydrates?  Bolus accordingly?  Hide robot parts discreetly? Experience low and high blood sugars?  Jump the insurance hurdles?  Work with doctors to best manage health?

Monitor all the diabetes crap? 

Stay happy?

Bitch, please.  

We're on it.

(These two videos, from SNL and Key & Peele, are running on a loop in my head this morning.  Not enough sleep and too much coffee in the last few days.  But this painting, spied in a restaurant last weekend, seemed to be subtly saying, "Bitch, please," as she poured her pitcher and I can't stop thinking she's awesome.  And she pretty much sums up how I feel about diabetes at the moment.)


Avoiding spitting coffee while reading Kerri's blog?

Bitch, please.

hilarious !!!
better than morning coffee !

Ha! Love this!

Those two words are best interpreted by one, Chris Crocker. Unfortunately he annoys me but this video was the first one I saw of his and it changed my vocab forevah!
"for your own good..."


I think Bitch, please. should be the official DOC Motto and when Christel takes over the wold we'll have it printed on the money.

Sounds good to me!!!

Bitch please for the DOC motto? Hell yes.

All I can say to your last statement is, me too. 4 days of unexplainable sticky highs have left me wanting OFF of this treadmill.

You always talk about all this coffee, which always seems to kick my blood sugar high. How do you handle that??

Someone told me just the other day that I should have "Bitch, please. I got this." Printed on a t-shirt or something because even when I don't say it, I'm saying it. I was flattered. :)

awesome artwork. you are right. that's exactly what she's sayin

She looks like she is saying "bitch, please! Keep your drama with your mama! Can't you see I have to wash all this hair!" Too funny!

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