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Diabetes UK: Type 1 Aware.

As a person with type 1 diabetes, it's hard for me to not see the symptoms of diabetes.  It's like when you're pregnant, and suddenly you see pregnant people everywhere.  (Like that first week I knew about Birdy, but we hadn't told anyone, and I saw seven different pregnant women walking toward the train station near my office in Westport, CT.  I was convinced there were multiple baby showers taking place on the Metro North.)  When people talk about excessive thirst, exhaustion, and frequent trips to the bathroom, my ears perk upon behalf of my lazy pancreas. 

Which is why I like this campaign from Diabetes UK, about helping raise awareness for type 1 diabetes.  Check out this video:

This video is plain and simple, and doesn't make the symptoms confusing with careful language.  My only addition would be to say that type 1 diabetes doesn't just affect children; it's a disease that doesn't care to discriminate, and can be diagnosed at any age.  (I learned at the ADA Scientific Sessions that the rate of T1D diagnosis is rising alarmingly - more on that later.) 

The campaign from Diabetes UK is looking to have a million video views by November 14th (World Diabetes Day). I've already watched it twice.  ;)


this is great.

Thanks Kerri for your "addition". I was diagnosed in 2009 with what they told me was LADA. There are no diabetics in my family and I am not over weight. I was shocked and pretty angry! I have rheumatoid arthritis and many other autoimmune issues.
My frustration has been that because of my age (now 60)everyone is trying to help with type 2 information!!! No one believes that you get type 1 at this age!!! I would appreciate any information that you have, it would be so helpful.
Thanks also for our last post as well. You are an amazing writer...and I now can express what a low feels like for family and others to understand what it's like. Thanks again!!

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