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My Dexcom Sleeps Nude.

During the day, my Dexcom wears clothes because it's a modest little machine:

Suited up in blue. 

But at night, it strips down nude and sleeps in a "hyperbaric chamber" ...

Dexcom under glass

... because the glass makes the high and low alarm vibrations easier to hear.  I just have to remember to make sure the glass doesn't have water in it before I go dropping the receiver in. 

This is real life with diabetes:  awkward, a bit strange, and always on the move.  :)


Great idea!

Your end table is freakishly clean and dust-free. That is all. :)


Fraternal though. Mine is pink during the day and on a glass coaster at night. I started doing it about 2 weeks ago, and it is the first time my DexCom has woken me up during a high or low.

i have 2 girls that share the CGM, that cup thing is a very good idea! and i like your blue cover, ours is clear, where did ya get it?

Though I'm using the Revel combo now, when I used my Dexcom, I would have it on the ceramic coaster at night for this same reason. It's cool how we diabetics think outside the box. (Or inside the glass?)

Kerri: This is very helpful, for 2 reasons. One, that nightstand is incredibly clean and it makes me want to make mine look as awesome). But 2, I'm getting a Dex and think this would be a great way to go. Never had to do that before, since my Minimed pump/CGM combo just allowed me to wear it all in one. But with the dual devices, it's a new thing to think about. And your way sounds like a great plan! So, thanks!

Totes Brill.

Funny...and a good idea!

Put a couple of coins in the glass to get even more noise to help you wake up.

By the way, great tracing.

That's so clever, I would have never come up with that. Here's to hoping the makers make the alarms louder!

Such a good little post. It's snippets like these that are the real diabetes. Fun post -- thanks for sharing.

I'm trying to get my love to do this - he sleeps right through the Dexcom alarms :( I told him to throw a few pennies or something in the glass, too, so it'll REALLY make a raucous.

How funny...I'm the opposite. Dex is a nudist by day and fully clothed at night. For some reason he likes to short out at night and his clothes keep that from happening. Then again, I keep him in my pillow. Maybe if I kept him in a glass he could sleep bare and be a full out nudist...hmmm.

After that title, I wasn't sure where you were going with this ...

What an awesome idea! I shall try it tonight, if I can find the right size glass.

When we start having an insulin pump (tentatively planned for February), will we have this too? What does a boy in a loft bed with no night stand do with a Dexcom? Or is the Dexcom the insulin pump with the tube removed to make your night stand look even more excruciatingly clean? Or is this an additional, extra piece of equipment that we will not have unless we become spokesmodels? I need to get googling.

My glucose monitor sleeps nude, too. Well, sleeps in the fur he was born with. No techonology here. A few weeks ago my little pug woke me with his violent shaking, as you would if you had chills/fever. I must have been in deep sleep, tried to reach him to pull him next to me and warm him up but he moved beyond my reach. Reached further and he jumped on the floor. I stood up to get him and I knew, glucose is low and I mean low. Scarf 20 sugars and wait 10 minutes and test says I'm all the way up to 43. Holy cow, where was I before?!? I take more sugar and go back to dog who is now sitting on bed looking fine. Hmmmm. Low-glucose-alert dog or coincidence?

I'm going to try the glass idea tonight. One of the reasons I first went with the Dexcom was that after 25 years on a pump, I can sleep through any beep it puts out. Now, after all these years with the Dexcom, it no longer wakes me up either. I worry about sleeping through the alarms when the DH isn't home. Thanks for the idea.

Aaah! I love it! I was just thinking I need to do something differently with Dexy at night, and this is perfect.

We keep Ella's in an glass, too! With glass beads - even LOUDER! WOO HOO!!!

I just found your blog and I love it! I am also a type 1 diabetic who is on the insulin pump and CGM system. I am also a mother of one and pregnant with my second..so encouraging to find other healthy diabetics! Keep up the great blog!

Oh goodness, this is such a good idea! Between this and wearing it in the arm, reading SUM has dramatically improved my (already pretty good) Dexcom-wearing experience. :)

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