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CWD 2012: Need More Input!

Searching for your FFL12 input! Even if you aren't Stephanie.Last year, Scott and I were lucky enough to be part of the Children With Diabetes "Friends for Life" faculty, and part of our role was to help create a track for adults with type 1 diabetes to attend that made us feel like we were getting support and information that suited our unique circumstances - you know - not kids with diabetes, and not parents of kids with diabetes (for the most part), but adults (for the most part again ;) ) with type 1.

Looking forward to Friends for Life 2012, Scott and I are, again, trying to compile some feedback from last year's conference to help shape the program for next summer. And this is where you come in:

What kinds of sessions would you like to see offered next summer?  Be specific - did you enjoy the parenting with diabetes session?  The emotional breakout with Jill?  The pregnancy discussion?  Do you want more on technology?  More about advocacy, both online and off?  More art therapy?  What, in your opinion, would be a stellar session for adults with type 1?

I understand that not everyone attends the FFL conferences, and that a lot of the time it comes down to financial assistance and time off from work.  Brainstorming ideas to help with getting more people to the conference is definitely a huge focus, but for the purposes of this post, it would be awesome to hone in on the session topics, speakers, and concepts that you think the type 1 adult community would benefit from.  (Phew!  That sounded so formal.  You know what I mean.)

So we're looking for information.  Perspectives.  Need more input, Stephanie!!   Your feedback is crucial, and very much appreciated.  Thanks, you guys. 

Edit:  And if you have feedback you'd prefer to email to me, feel free.  :)


I don't want to hog your comments section so I am going to e-mail you (even though you are always behind on e-mail!). :D

I can't wait for FFL UK 2012. Had a smashing time this year, so much fun.

Last year, the emotional session will Jill was amazing - I'd love to see another one offered (or even more than one!!) Advocacy stuff and art therapy are high on my list too. Pete found the session for Type 3s extremely rewarding, and it was good for him to be able to talk about some of the diabetes pressures he feels as my husband with others who get it (and also without feeling like he had to sensor himself, because I wasn't there with him). I also loved the burnout session with Joe Solowiejczyk - burnout is always an issue and more sessions like that would be wonderful. Also, maybe some kind of exercise session - not just a group workout, but help on making a workout plan we can stick to and tips to help manage blood sugars during exercise. And I'm sure I can come up with more - in which case, I'll email you!! :)

I didn't make it to FFL last year, so I can't comment on how the sessions were, but as an adult with T1, I'd love to see something on stress/juggling schedules or travel. It took me almost my entire college career to realize how stress factors (and throws a monkey wrench) into diabetes. Maybe something highlighting tips to squeezing diabetes moments into other moments (safe multi-tasking?).

Last year was the first year I had even been to FFL. I loved it so much that improving it seems almost impossible!

A session about advocacy could be useful. Maybe an outreach or how to start and/or find a support group in your area? I dunno, it really was perfect for me. ;)

I agree with what everyone has said, especially Karen. that session with Jill was the highlight of the actual conference and workshops.

What I would say is that we need more session JUST for the T1 adults that come. I loved being in with the parents for some of the sessions. I understand they want to talk to us, and that we give them hope for their child's future, and I am totally ok with that.

However, there need to be more sessions offered ONLY for adults. I don't know if there's a way to keep parents from attending some of the sessions? Like they can't hang out at the kids and teen sessions? There's just some stuff I'm not going to talk about in front of a PoCWD. There's things they don't need to hear. So we need some time for just us, you know?

I had such a FANTASTIC time last year, and I can't wait to go again! :)

I'm not sure about FFL, but there's going to be a CWD seminar in the Philly area soon - it would be nice to see something offered for pre-schoolers...the 3 & 4 yr old T1's. Seems like it's all for school-age kids and parents.

I would love more on advocacy. How to talk with the FDA and elected officials about the regulatory environment and how to do that in coordination to make the biggest impact.

This will be my first FFL, but I followed closely last year through blogs, tweets and the CWD website. I am interested in attending the pregnancy session, and I love the idea of a type 3 session. I didn't know that was offered last year, but I think it's vital. I also second Jess' suggestion of an adults only. Again, not sure how to work that out logistically. Also, I'm incredibly active in my local community through outreach and volunteering, but I'd like to see an informative session on that. Here, it's much easier for outreach when you're dealing with families and children. But when you're trying to reach teens and adults, it's much more difficult. I'd love to be part of a session where we discuss local advocacy beyond the walls of the Internet. And I liked Bennet's suggestion on national matters including the FDA, Congress, regulatory guidelines/restrictions. And if possible, I'd be MORE than interested to get some FDA or various "officials" at FFL. We're health advocates and having an open, communicative relationship is vital, which I think they realize. Just my two cents. :)

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