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A CGM Visual.

When I look at the graph on my Dexcom, I like to see a nice, flat line.  You know, like a bread stick (that would be flat if I had rotated it a bit in Photoshop but I forgot and now it looks a little like it's a rising blood sugar holy run on sentence AGAIN #Bes).  Imagine it flat:

A breadstick.  Not to be confused with "Breadsticks," which is from Glee.  And Glee is awesome.

But some days, my Dexcom graph looks a little less friendly, and more like a big ol' mess.  Like a rollercoaster:

I can't even look at roller coasters without thinking "Oh!  Diabetes!"

Or the top of the Arby's hat (that's on days when my blood sugars really kick my ass):
Arby's burgers gross me out.

Or that picture from The Little Prince where a snake devours an elephant and it looks like a hat:
One of my favorite books.  Kid had his own planet!

And there are some days when the stupid thing looks exactly like a giant letter M, having tea with a giant letter W:

Oh cut me some slack.  I suck at Photoshop.  But that M and that W do look delightfully happy, no?

I aim for no-hitters as often as I can, but it seems like tea parties are all the rage these days.  I need more breadsticks.  

(And now I'm seeing CGM graphs everywhere I look, and it's freaking me out.)


You did the breadstick thing because of Breadsticks on Glee...didn't you?

I feel your pain as much as I can feel your pain. These days, it's the breadstick in the opposite direction, starting higher than I'd like in the morning through pre-lunch, then slowly drop throughout day - only to start again high the next day.

Rachel - Mouse over the breadstick photo. :)

1) I love hovering over your photos. It's like the Easter eggs of blog posts.

2) You are making me feel guilty for not finishing that #Bes blog post. Tonight - I promise! :)

Every day is a chance to try again, and again, and again. Hope today goes a little better for you. Good luck finding your inner breadstick!

Alas that real breadsticks do not lead to CGM breadsticks!

Great analogies! I'm sorry you're having so many tea parties, but secretly reassured that we aren't alone! Maybe I should have slapped that on the postsecret?

My favorite is still this: http://lifeafterdx.blogspot.com/2010/09/not-sure-how-to-take-this.html

Just started my Dexcom 30 minutes ago...looking forward to seeing shapes in my graphs :D

BTW, I'm confused about this whole is-it-waterproof issue. I don't seem to have gotten any of the shower patches in my starter kit. Do people generally use them?

great post! love the visuals, and my 6 mo. old got that tea set as a baby gift :)

We had this discussion last night! Missed you, but Happy Birthday. Lots of M&W tea parties at my "house" the past few weeks. Let's blame the weather?

Love the analogies. I like to picture what Dex is telling me too. It is kind of like cloud gazing.

As for the Dex being waterproof for the most part the sensor is...the transmitter that shows us our fun shapes is not. I shower with my sensor no problem. I throw Dex on the bathroom counter and he picks up the signal from the shower fine.

Swimming and such...that is a diffrent story. Read the guide it gives more info on how long and how deep the sensor can be submerged.

Hope that helps.

Very cute and creative. Love it!

We have been seeing a whole lot of those roller coasters... blech!

I started a new sensor yesterday, and the first twelve hours look like someone just flicked a loaded paintbrush at the graph. It's not even possible to trace a line through it!

I've been at a few tea parties myself in the last few days (and I've also eaten those very same plastic cakes many times with our niece!)

I have been off of my CGM for over a week and it has been surprisingly pleasant. But I have been unusually fortunate not to have BAD numbers either. My Transmitter quit. The Minimed rep told me that the transmitter generally lasts for 9 mos. My lasted 18 mos. Pretty good. But the last few months it had been acting strangely. The CGM made me more anxious though. So that is why I think the break has been pleasant. Should be getting a new one soon - that is as soon as Minimed gets done jumping through insurance hoops.

Seriously. Sometimes its like a bad hangover looking at that thing!

Great analogies! Life with Mr D is rarely flat lined. Cheers!

Your visuals crack me up! Thanks!

Today mine is looking like a set of shark teeth! Glad to know that I am not the only one!

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