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Diabetes and Moving: Fun.

Every time I look at this bit of clip art, I picture the cats driving it.You know you're a diabetic moving into a new place when:

  • You pack extra glucose meter test strips, baby diapers, and toilet paper into the same box because you know you will need both on the first day.
  • You're watching at the window for the cable guy so you can get yourself back online and immersed in the diabetes blogosphere.
  • You don't care that there's an ice maker in the new fridge, but more than there's a handy compartment that's PERFECT for insulin storage.
  • There's a whole box labeled "Diabetes Supplies."
  • You're grateful that the hardwoods are being installed because it will be easier to find rogue test strips.
  • The washer dryer combo looks like a spaceship command unit and you have no idea how to work it.  (Wait, that's just me?  Domestic goddess I am not.)
  • Even though the fridge is almost entirely empty, there's still a bottle of grape juice at the ready.  (And a pitcher of iced coffee.  Priorities!!)
  • You buy a smaller garbage can for the kitchen to leave room under the sink for a massive, red sharps container.
  • There's a space in the walk-in closet that's dedicated solely to stacking insets, insulin reservoirs, and test strip bottles.  Not to mention lancets, which I've had the same seven boxes for the last four years and I never manage to use them up.  (Something tells me I should change my lancet today.) 
  • And: You test the wall outlets by plugging the Dexcom receiver in to charge.
Diabetes plus moving totally equals fun.  :p


hahaah. That made me so giggle.

when we built our new kitchen my one biggest priority was a diabetes cabinet for Ian. The kitchen designer looked at me like I was a freak. Ian, however, did a dance.

Oh I have had that joy just twice in my life now, but when I got married and carried all my diabetes supplies out to my husband, it was fun to see his eyes grow larger and larger with all the diabetes supplies. Plus...lol...I keep things for "memories"...my first glucometer in 1988, my first pump, ALL my logs since 1988. Gotta love it! Great post Kerri! :)

When we were working on our house, I went and bought a bulk supply of Gatorade for the lows involved with house repair. I had that one box labeled "D-stuff", more discrete I guess. And I fell in love with our master bath because it has a huge linen closet with one shelf I immediately crowned "diabetes shelf".

Congrats on the move and good luck on finding everything you packed, including your mind. ;-)

There are two spots I fell in love with in our house just for "D" stuff. There's a little shelf/drawer thing in the ktichen that looks like it's for tall thin boxes or canisters or something, but it fits a sharps container PERFECTLY so that's what it's used for. In our master bedroom, there's a huge walk-in closet with a perfect-height shelf that is dedicated to all my supplies. (I'd love to see a photo collage of everyone's collective shelves and storage spots for D-stuff!)


Welcome to your new home :)

Funny, I just posted about a move we made a few years ago!

We have the perfect kitchen cabinet that would have a lot of wasted space for "normal" kitchen stuff...but it is perfect to store all of our D supplies!!

Funny, I thought I was the only one with boxes and boxes of lancets.

I told people I officially moved into my place once I moved all of my insulin from my parents refrigerator to my own.

Because the mortgage payment isn't nearly as legit as my insulin finding a new home.

Yep, thought the closet in one of the bathrooms was PERFECT for G's diabetes supplies.

And yes, rogue test strips are so much easier to clean up since we got hardwoods downstairs!

Congratulations on the new home! I have the same issue with lancets - and at one point had 7 somewhat outdated glucose meters, complete with their own kit and sample lancets that came with them...and owners booklets :) And a case of Gatorade for moving since I like to get involved as "exercise".

I just moved into my first place two weeks ago and yup, these are all true! I too had a "easily accessible, will need this on the first day!" bag that included strips, pump supplies, and TP, hahah.
Not to mention the DIABETES SUPPLIES box, which is now lounging in the closet.
One of the first orders of business upon settling in: calling the new pharmacy to get all my files set up! Soon, they will know me by name!

Yep. I unpacked the DIABETES STUFF box into its own shelf in our linen closet before I unpacked our clothes.

Just hop in the spaceship and start pressing buttons...you'll figure it out. :)

And here I thought I was the only one not changing out lancets enough and they are for my kid none-the-less. Man I am a sucky pancreas. Happy moving. We just did it a few months ago. I finally recovered.

When we moved down from the Northeast to our current location in Northeast Florida, we managed to LOSE the bag with all the important diabetes supplies. I was freeeeking out. The bag I took such care to keep track of on the car ride, the autotrain, at the temporary house until our furniture arrived . . . . HOW could that have happened? Needless to say, I met some local doctors VERY quickly and had numerous prescriptions in hand pronto. Only to find out later (much, much, much later) that it had been left in a closet at the temporary house . . . .

I'd like to take a poll of how long people use a single lancet in the real world. One week? One month? One year? Longer . . . ?

And what is it about those test strips. They just jump out when I'm not looking!

I agree with Reyna Maher!I thought I was the only one having so many old lancets!:)) I could make an ikebana of it!HAHAHA

Good luck in your new crib!

How often do I go between changing a single lancet? Months! In the beginning I changed it every time I tested.

Wait, you only have one box with diabetes supplies? I just moved and I had my one big box, labeled "this box has diabetes," my slightly smaller box which has an animas label, and my slightly smaller than that box which has dexcom sensors. No matter how much I tetris I can't get them into only two boxes.

Eee gads! How familiar! We moved ourselves a few weeks ago and ALL of this rings true XD Especially the bit about the perfect fridge compartment!

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