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Community, Everywhere!

Earlier this week, dLifeTV did some filming for our upcoming new season.  And as part of a segment we're doing on online diabetes support, I had the chance to see Nicole Johnson again and to meet two members of the dLife community - Mark and Shauntaye.

Tune in to dLifeTV to catch these new shows!

We talked about our common experiences as people with diabetes, and how online communities have positively impacted our health.  I thought about all of us, writing our blogs and really sharing so much of our personal medical experiences, and how much this whole journey has helped improve my life with type 1 diabetes.  Our little community here has gotten so big.

I spent the better part of this week confirming travel arrangements for the next few months, and even though I'm not a very good (or calm) traveler, just knowing I'll have the chance to connect with more people who "get it" makes all the flight anxiety worth it.  I'm looking forward to visiting Philadelphia for a conference at the end of the month and hanging out with some fellow d-community members.  I cannot wait to go to Orlando in a few weeks and attend CWD's Friends for Life conference.  I'm excited for the Diabetes Summit in Indianapolis in July, and for the BlogHer event the next day in Chicago.  And I am so honored to be speaking at the BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas in the fall.  Lots of travel for a cause I'm still so passionate about.

But damn ...  I'm going to need a bigger suitcase.  ;)

Since I started blogging four years ago, I've had the opportunity to meet many fellow diabetics, either through SUM or TuDiabetes or the JDRF or dLife.  We're a supportive and inspiring crew, and I'm really looking forward to meeting more of us "in person."


Woo hoo!
Great pic.

You are a forced to be reckoned with in regards to the DOC. No Doubt.

See you in July!! ;-)

Meet ups have changed my diabetes life! I can't wait for more!!!

Hi Kerri - What conference are you attending in Philly at the end of the month? They had a Diabetes Expo scheduled for Philly in March, but cancelled it. I haven't heard of any events happening here. Penny

For me the community has still all been virtual, I can just imagine how cool it would be to actually meet some of you :-)

And watch out for Siah, she'll make a beeline for that bigger suitcase ;-)

Kerri, I'm very excited to finally meet you in Indianapolis! Elizabeth and I were lucky enough to meet Manny and Amy at ADA New Orleans. It's been a wonderful experience to know the rockstars who are shaping the world of diabetes face-to-face. :)

BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas - sweet - I'm hoping to be there in the fall time - to renew 20 year wedding vows with Elvis - maybe I'll attend the expo - and finally get to meet you in person!

Psst - separates, separates, separates, neutral colours (throw in a splash of colour) - it'll all fit in a carry on - trust me - I'm a pro - can live out of a carry on for a month!

Can't wait for Chicago!

If I didn't hate Vegas with a passion...

I wish I had met more members of the DOC in person. I really crave knowing other people who just "get it."

I'm going to try to attend at least part of CWD's Friends For Life. So I hope to see you there. But if not, please look me up when you are in Orlando!

Looking forward to finally meeting you "in person" in July at Friends for Life!

Phew, I'm tired just reading about your schedule!! Good thing you go to the gym regularly - you'll have plenty of stamina for your busy month ahead. Now you have to break the news to that little gray kitty, huh?

You'll be in Philly?? I must have missed that. I'm leaving for my camp reunion toward the end of the month, so not sure if I'll be around, but I'd love to see you if I'm still here :)

I'm another one that's looking forward to meeting you at FFL. :)

I tear a ring off my paper chain every day counting down the days until FFL. :)

Sara - you do not have a paper chain. Do you? (Photo!)

Dang! You are a traveling machine!

Can't wait to meet you in Indy. I just wish Chris could be there too.


Dang, your schedule is WOW! I couldn't imagine. Too bad your not coming to SO CAL, would love to meet you. Have fun and take pic's.

strangely enough, I'm going to be in Indy when you are... though I'll be going to a concert and then shipping off to st. louis the next day for the same show :P

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