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Gelled to Perfection.

One thing I didn't pack last week on my vacation was my Dexcom, but I had my reasons.  Even though I'm working very hard to lower my A1C in preparation for starting a family and even though diabetes has been a big focus this year, I wanted a VACATION.  From just about everything.

So my diabetes moments on the cruise were minimal.  I brought my meter everywhere, wore my pump, and had glucose tabs stashed in my bag, but I didn't lament every number or guilt myself silly over every meal.  I ate, drank, and was quite merry, thanks.  

But when we got back last weekend, the first thing I did was put the Dexcom back on.  (Okay, that's a bit of a lie.  The very first thing I did was open the apartment door and greet the furry army with a "Hi, buddies!!!" and then I collapsed into bed.  But after I woke up?  Dexcom sensor slapped on my right thigh.)  While I traveled, I had a few high 200's and a nice, ripe 309 mg/dl thanks to some delicious dessert indulgences, so I wanted to get back on track and attempt to find the flatline again.

Smurfy little Dexcom receiver.

The people at Dexcom sent me two gel receiver "skins," very similar to the ones that Bernard wrote about ages ago.  On the Dexcom website, these suckers go for about $10 apiece. But they are wicked cool.  The original case that comes with the receiver is pretty bulky, making the receiver looks much bigger than it actually is.  The skins are nice because they offer up some protection and also give the device a more streamlined look.

And since I'm known for my grace (ahem), the skin has protected my receiver from two falls from my desk, a few tumbles from my bedside table, and countless tosses into my work bag.  Also, the bright blue case makes it a helluva lot easier to find in the mess that is my purse. 

So Dex and I are reunited.  And now that I've made another Joslin appointment for July - this time with my full pre-pregnancy team, including my endo, ob/gyn, nutritionist, and teaching nurse - I'm back to focusing hard on my numbers.

And logbooking.



hi !very nice info- and kerry i sent u mail have u checked it?

Since I'm still recently new to your blog, I didn't know that one of your big goals for good sugar control was to get ready for baby. Which is exactly the same reason I am doing it as well. My doc said pregnancy had to be 100% planned. So that has been my big drive as well. It's nice to know that other folks have some off days when 200's happen and don't let them get to ya. I get frustrated with myself now when I see something over 140 but it makes me happy to see numbers like that (I'm about a 280 unfasting not on meds). :) Keep up the good work and thanks for this blog!

Btw (and you can edit this out if you want to, it may be something you're interested in testing at DLife) but I have found an amazing app for my iPhone that others may find useful. Glucose Buddy is a great (and free) app for logging your sugars, exercise, meds, and food. I use multiple glucometers in diff spots so this lets me enter all my info in one spot to see accurate trends! It's great!!

Oh how I love that cute little blue skin!! :p

Does it have a clip on the back like their case?

Currently my fingers are crossed, so tightly that I worry about my circulation, that the insurance company will cover my Dex. Oh how I miss being hooked up to my little Diabetic BFF :p

Looks exactly like my blackberry cover. Wish the Dex also doubled as a blackberry....

Hi Kerri -- Can you tell me the size difference between the Dex with a gel skin and the original case? We'd love to start considering this for our daughter, but she is not yet 4, so size definitely matters.


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