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Irony: The Thrice Edition.

(No, I'm not sure if that title makes sense either.)

After my last few days of completely screwing up, I tried to do at least one thing to improve my diabetes - I finally created a real emergency kit for work.  

This little gem has everything I need for a diabetes moment on the job:  I have a backup infusion set, some lancets, several boxes of test strips, a Humalog insulin pen, a spare One Touch UltraMini, and even a SkinTac wipe for any CGM sensors or pump sites that go rogue.

Neat and tidy and prepared.  Hang on .. let me adjust my Boy Scout badge.  It's the one for diabetes preparedness. 

But what's missing from this kit?  Fast-acting sugar?  Nope - my office has a handy stash of candy for low blood sugar reactions and sweet teeth (sweet tooths?) alike.  How about the Quick-Serter for the infusion set?  Nah, I live five minutes from my office, so if the site isn't working out, I can pop home and fix it right quick.  Battery for the pump or a just-in-case syringe?  Both are safely tucked into the meter case.  This little box appears to have everything I'd need for a short-term fix ... what could be missing?

Oh, I know!  Irony!

Godiva!  You saved me!

Irony once again:  keeping backup diabetes supplies in a Godiva chocolate box. 


AHHHH ha ha ha... The beauty of the box. That's awesome.

Insulin Pen - $20 copay for bx

Test strips - $30 copay

Extra infusion set - $2

Keeing it all in a Godiva Box - PRICELESS!

Wait! What about a spare Siah Sausage hiding out in the box too? :)

I think every office has one of those people who sneaks around to peoples' desks to see what treats might be available for filching. Imagine their delight when they get to your desk!!

And then, imagine their disappointment.

Great idea! I need to put an emergency kit together for work, too.

great kit :)

I think you should splurge on another quick serter (or put out a call for one). Your apartment may be five minutes from work but you can't always leave when you want to, you know?

DEFinitely priceless!

Great irony too.

Yea, where is Siah? She for some reason needs to be in that box.....

Backup's are always good. I work from home so my backup's are at my family's. And the only backups are free meters with 10 test strips I have gathered over the years. The rest travels with me.

That's pretty funny, Kerri. ROFL.

Love it! Though I think it would need to be in a box once holding either raisins or straight pins (or a case of boxes of lancets) for true irony.

I love your sense of humor. Very Good. And a wonderful idea about the Emergency Kit.

Hysterical. :D

Hey ironic you should post this today :) I had a sugar of 1.2 this morning (21 or so) lost my vision, was having convulsions, DH couldn't find the glucagon and I couldn't understand what glucagon meant.Nice. We're about to go to the drugstore and ready a kit with everything necessary for an emergency and show our daughter what to do with it all too, just in case she ever needs to help me. It was a rough morning...and we weren't ready for it. It's easy to forget when nothing bad happens for a long time, just how bad it can be. Good for you for getting ready and I love the box!

omigosh... 1.2? SCARY!! Glad you're ok now, Heidi!

I need to get some glucagon... and make a faux box of Godiva chocolates!! ...lol

'ummm.. chocolates! Wait a minute... Those aren't chocolates!!'

FYI - Glucagon does have an expiration date too. If you haven't replaced it recently you may want to check. I am only on my second one in the last 10 years so it's probably time to look at mine. Scary stuff indeed.

I love the irony part ,just wish they would color the godiva chocolate boxes in pink. To use a line from steel magnolias , pink is my signature color LOL!!!as usual a great blog .

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