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Thinking About the Pump - Nicole's Story

Thinking About the Pump - Nicole's Story

Diabetes has been a part of my life since age 9. I am now - well, almost 34 soon.

I remember seeing my father blind and diabetic when I was very little. Of course things have certainly changed as for blindness and lose of limbs as you used to hear so much about. But remembering my dad get an insulin shot in his arm from my grandma was torture to me at that young age. I remember saying to myself "There is no way I could do that or have that happen to me."

My grandma first had the inclination I was diabetic while visiting she checked my urine. She told my mom only to have her say "There is no way she is diabetic"

After being taken into the hospital of a blood sugar of over 1000 mg/dl. I was taken into a room full of 20 interns and they told me I was diabetic. I remember my aunt just crying as she looked at my dad standing there with his red cane and sunglasses. Giving insulin shots to my mom-that was fun! But not when they over-dosed me with someone else's insulin and I went almost out of it; seeing myself on the ceiling and telling my mom she was poisoning me.

Oh, to hide it in school was painful trying to sit in class and wait out a low blood sugar until the bell rang. Or the name calling "Diabetic Dog, Demon" Ouch that hurt.

For a longtime I did not take care of myself thinking I would not end up like my dad or others. Only to be taken in for a spinal tap and more to rule out MS, did get Optic Neuritis.Thinking about an insulin pump?

Finally, got on track and have my A1C to 6%-7% all during both pregnancies. But with my last pregnancy I did have a lot of eye damage - retinopathy and plenty of laser surgery at Mayo Clinic. We think it is getting better - Dr. Pach says it is. And that laser surgery does hurt! But it was worth it to have my beautiful baby boy.

Now, I am perplexed if I should try out the Minimed pump. In the past, I had tried the Ominpod - kind of bulky but nice to be wireless. Still, cannot shut the thing off.  It's buzzing in the garage.

Would love some advice! 


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Is there somewhere we can view the advice given to Nicole? I'm kind of in her shoes, as well... and I'm sure there are many others looking for real advice from people who use pumps... not just the advice of doc's & nurses who do NOT use pumps!

Well, I've been "pumping" for the last 5 yrs. I have the Minimed pump. Feel free to ask me anything about it... Its much more convenient than doing a shot before eating any food. At first, it took some time to get use to wearing it, changing the site, making adjustments... But pretty soon, I realized that the benefits definitely outweighed the few things I had to get use to. U can adjust easier for any exercise or wanting to sleep late. U have more fliexibility w/ what & when to eat...

thanks, for the advice. I now have the Minimed pump.Trying really hard to get used to it. I know it will be great once I get the basal rate adjusted and get used to the extra part of carrying it around.

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