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Sleep Cycle Your Face.

Blood Sugars By March 9, 2015 Tags: 4 Comments

A normal sleep cycle: Which is what I thought I had last night, until I woke up and saw evidence on the bedside table that suggested otherwise: And then I remembered the whole thing:  normal sleep pattern interrupted by one very sweaty low, followed quickly by a  juice box, then another low a few hours later, and another juice box,…


Guest Post: Sleep, Perchance to 100 mg/dL?

Guest Diabetes Blogger By August 9, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

Jessica Phillips guest posted on SUM a few years ago, talking about her first 500 days with diabetes.  (Which prompted me to do the math, and as of today, I’ve lived approximately 9,097 days with type 1.  Weeee?)  And today, she’s back to talk about how her perception of sleep has changed for her since her diagnosis in 2008. Thanks for…


Sleep Deprived

Real Life Diabetes By February 19, 2007 Tags: , , No Comments

There’s a commercial for IKEA that I’ve seen several times, with people all snuggled into their beds, big fluffy down comforters tucked up to their relaxed shoulders and enormously comfy pillows to press their sleepy cheeks against.  They’re smiling in the slumber, all warm and cozy. Ah, how I loathe these people. I’m not sure if it’s simply in my nature…