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Photo Challenge: #DOCtober.

Taking pictures is something I like to do very much.  I’m not terribly talented when it comes to doing it and my equipment is pretty basic, but I enjoy framing something up and preserving that moment.  I used to take a lot of pictures, but I’ve tapered off in the last few years, and I miss it.




I am forcing myself to get back behind the lens with a daily photo challenge for October.  The twist – BET YOU DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING – is to see if I can find something diabetes-related to photograph for the month.  If I can, awesome.  If I can’t, that inability shows how diabetes can’t and shouldn’t always be front-and-center.

Want to join me?  I’ll be posting on the blog and Instagram under the hashtag #DOCtober.

For #DOCtober 1/31, I’m already cheating a little by posting a photo from last week.  The sign reads, “Unusual Pumpkins + Gourds.”  And it reminded me of you guys, the diabetes community.  The patient community.  The community of people who are touched by some kind of health condition but aren’t owned by it and are beautiful because of and despite it.

Well sheeeeeeeeet, if we aren’t all a pile of beautifully unusual pumpkins and gourds.

Photo-A-Day: Proud.

Today’s photo prompt is “proud.”

Don't even step.

I’m proudest of my littlest bird.

[the photo-a-day guide is here]

Photo-A-Day: Check.

Today’s Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day prompt is “check.”  And seeing how different my Dexcom result is from my meter proves why it’s still important for me to check my blood sugar instead of relying on the information from my CGM.  (Also, you can’t see the “blood drop” request for calibration because the overhead light flushed it out, but this Dexcom sensor was four hours overdue for a meter check.)

Diabetes is a science experiment, with imperfect tools, an imperfect host, and a busted up pancreas.  But we keep rockin’.

Photo-A-Day: Past.

Three months after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I went to my first sleep over birthday party.  My friend Jill was turning seven, and even though my pancreas had just gone on its permanent sabbatical, I was still able to go to the birthday party. (Thanks to my mother, who drove over and spent a few hours hanging out with Jill’s mom, then tested me and dosed my insulin for dinner, then checked me again before she drove home, then went home and most likely didn’t sleep a wink only to return at 6 am and check my blood sugar again.  At the time, I didn’t realize how scary that must have been for my mom, but she knew how important it was for me to have normal childhood experiences, even if she became an insomniac by default.)

I’m thankful for how my diabetes was handled in the past.  It helped shape how I handled my diabetes in the future.

I’m slightly less thankful for my fashion choices.

[my photo-a-day guide is here]

National Diabetes Awareness American Month Diabetes … Month?

It’s National Diabetes Month, according to the President.  And American Diabetes Month, according to the ADA.  It’s Press Release Inundation Month, according to people who work for companies looking to connect with the diabetes community.  But for people living with diabetes, November.  And it’s also our chance to raise more awareness for our health condition/disease/whatever you’d like to call it.

This month, I’ll be making an attempt to take a photo-per-day to highlight the regular ebb and flow of life with type 1 diabetes, and I’ll be (hoping to) follow this guide:

diabetes month photo a day

Diabetes is every day.  And for this year’s Diabetes Month, I’ll be working to remind people that we still need awareness, research, and funding towards a better quality of life and, eventually, our cure.


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