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Free Foods!

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Memories, Diet and Food By September 8, 2014 Tags: , , 3 Comments

…  “You can have pickles?  Or gelatin?  Or cucumber slices!” My mom tried to make these options sound appealing and delicious, but when I was a kid and my blood sugar was super high, pickles weren’t what I craved.  My body wanted to chug water and cheeseburgers simultaneously in efforts to cleanse the ketones and sate the high hunger. “Can…


Diabetes Torture Devices

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Memories, Diabetes Products By November 23, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Last week, on Twitter, Elizabeth Arnold posted a link to a photo that made my whole body cringe and I instinctively said, “Oh crap, THAT thing?” (I’m stealing and reposting this photo here, but the original photo credit belongs to Cardinal Health.)   Behold – The Guillotine: This photo made me shudder because I remember this lancing device clearly.  It was the first one…