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On the Wrong Foot

Blood Sugars By January 4, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

I’m not pleased with the way the first work day of the new year started out. 5:00 am.  Abby is pawing furiously at the top of my head, milling around and licking my shoulder.  Siah is asleep on my ankles.  Chris is fast asleep just a few inches away from me. The pillow is damp.  The bedsheets are cold.  My shirt is stuck to me…


Oh so slightly OCD.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes and Emotions By January 24, 2006 Tags: , No Comments

I didn’t always count the sips. I used to treat low bloodsugar reactions by chugging cranberry juice until it spilled down my chin and choked me just a little bit. That panicked, adrenaline fueled consumption, rendering me unable to close my eyes while I drink, but instead leaving me focused on that part where the ceiling and the wall merge….