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The Friday Six on a TUESDAY what is happening

Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community By February 26, 2019 Tags: , , , , 4 Comments

Hi there.  How are you? … No, really.  How ARE you? I’m good.  Thanks for checking in to ask. Keeping it casual here in my digital house because I don’t have the desire for carefully crafted sentences and overly oppressive narrative structure.  Just felt like writing and sharing some links.  It’s kind of like a Friday Six, only on a…


Bullet the Blue Sky

The Friday Six By June 8, 2011 Tags: No Comments

What fun are random links if I can’t share them with you guys?  These sites have been emailed to me, Facebook’d (what a crap verb), and Tweeted.  And now I’m channeling Bono (and wishing I had picked him up when he was hitchhiking in Vancouver) and bulleting the blue sky: The International Diabetes Federation is making a video compilation in time for…