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Diabetes Poetry October 18, 2017 1 Comment

Mornings start with graph checks and then we’re off to live Not all D things are solid, but we continue, we forgive. Lots to tackle, lots to manage, lots to do in this narration Though efforts might end up a little bit Lost in Translation Details of the day go by in a flurry But I’m blocking all the chaos…


Do You Hate Diabetes?

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Mental Health, Psychosocial Support October 11, 2017 9 Comments

I asked some friends on Facebook if they hated diabetes, and the answers* were as varied as the folks responding: “I hate it, the hassle, and the complications but I do not hate the growth amd strength I’ve achieved or the family I’ve gained because of it.” “I don’t hate it as a thing but it does annoy me. At…


Diabetes Blog Week: Message Monday.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes, Relationships May 16, 2016 11 Comments

It’s Diabetes Blog Week, a week in the year where diabetes bloggers can rally together and share their stories, following suggested (but not mandated!) themes and focusing on connecting with one another as a community.  And who better to closely knit our community together than Karen (who is known in my household as “The Knitter“)?  Karen kindly brings us closer…