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I’m Not.

Uncategorized January 26, 2017 17 Comments

I’ve never had nightmares like this one before Problem is, when I wake, it’s still there and I’m floored Because every damn day there’s another news flash Showing me that some leaders just follow cash. I used to be iffy, and then was concerned. But panic is what this new paradigm’s earned. I’m a person and with me comes chronic…


Just a Job.

Diabetes Advocacy, Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes July 25, 2016 2 Comments

“I’m just a medical assistant, so my job isn’t as important,” she said as she took my blood pressure and entered the data into my digital file. “Seriously?  How can you say that?  You probably have more face-to-face moments with patients than the doctors do.  You set the tone for the appointment.  What you do matters.”  I paused.  “Take my…



Healthcare June 9, 2016 8 Comments

“I’m not positive I can make it in for that appointment, since I’m traveling for work for the majority of those weeks.  Would it be possible for me to send my device data by email and have you review it for any issues?” Without pausing, my endo said, “Yes, we can do that.” We’ve seen a lot of one another…