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#DayOfDiabetes Went a Little Rogue on Me.

I started the day strong, but after hours of a frustrating high blood sugar and seemingly bolusing saline instead of insulin (but it was insulin – I checked), I hit a big NOPE when it came to documenting the end of my #dayofdiabetes. I didn’t want to keep documenting my frustrations, not because I was ashamed of them, but because I was FRUSTRATED, you know?

Even though there isn’t a hashtag for my day today, I’m still here. I’m still doing this diabetes thing. And despite some frustrations, I remain fine.

National Diabetes Awareness American Month Diabetes … Month?

It’s National Diabetes Month, according to the President.  And American Diabetes Month, according to the ADA.  It’s Press Release Inundation Month, according to people who work for companies looking to connect with the diabetes community.  But for people living with diabetes, November.  And it’s also our chance to raise more awareness for our health condition/disease/whatever you’d like to call it.

This month, I’ll be making an attempt to take a photo-per-day to highlight the regular ebb and flow of life with type 1 diabetes, and I’ll be (hoping to) follow this guide:

diabetes month photo a day

Diabetes is every day.  And for this year’s Diabetes Month, I’ll be working to remind people that we still need awareness, research, and funding towards a better quality of life and, eventually, our cure.


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