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Blood Sugars January 23, 2017 9 Comments

Put test strip into glucose meter. Prick finger. Apply blood. (Yawn as the meter counts down because it’s six in the morning and what’s sleep?) Look at screen. Blink. Pull strip out of the meter. Toss it into the meter back with all the other dead strips. Zip up meter bag. Brush teeth. As toothpaste foam starts to drool out…


How Often?

Real Life Diabetes November 11, 2015 6 Comments

“How often do you think about diabetes on an average day?” “Not sure,” I said, checking my blood glucose twice so I could calibrate my continuous glucose monitor, mentally calculating the lunch insulin bolus I needed to take cover my food without making me low for my run later this afternoon. Looking at the five strips left in the bottle,…


Diabetes Art Day: Strip Safely Edition.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Online Community, Real Life Diabetes August 26, 2013 2 Comments

A long weekend’s worth of test strips for the Diabetes Art Day:  Strip Safely edition. Managing a disease and making medication decisions based on data that’s built on shifting sand is scary. You might also like: Strip Safely: Managing Expectations. Strip Safely: Taking to Twitter. It’s Just a Blood Sugar Check. You Don’t Look Like You Should Have Diabetes.