Reading blog posts is easier than watching a video, mostly because I talk really fast, but if you don’t mind listening to some Rhode Island-accented ramblings about real life with type 1 diabetes, check out my YouTube channel.  From wrangling in diabetes and Halloween (and some costumes) to dealing with diabetes burnout, there’s a fair amount of content that my daughter will make fun of me for in a few years.  Here are a few samples:

Halloween and Diabetes – managing a candy-filled holiday while keeping tabs on diabetes

Name That Tune – changing the song on your Animas insulin pump

Traveling with Diabetes – taking type 1 diabetes on the road, or the plane, or the boat …

We are more than our numbers.  We are more than our diseases.  Diabetes doesn’t define, but just helps explain.

Crawling out of the primordial sludge of diabetes burnout.

My One Touch Ping story

Meet the One Touch VerioIQ glucose meter