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The Friday Six: Last Weekend of Summer Edition.

 I’ve taken a few days off and have enjoyed every moment with my family.  But there have been some links that I’ve saved because I wanted to share.  So I’m SHARING.  As a blogger, sharing is my jam.

Here’s some jam:

And now here are some links:

Martin posted this.  I love this.

There’s a really amazing opportunity to support the bionic pancreas project coming up on September 19th. Are you in the southern California area?  Click the link for more info.

“Novel technologies are likely to be successful only if they clearly reduce patient inconvenience and burden, helping them to accomplish their “illness work” more efficiently and effectively.”  Interesting study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Drug culture avoidance techniques from a horse?  True story.

Dana and Scott got married, but they also kept number steady throughout.  I think this is a true love story.  Want to read about the do-it-yourself-pancreas in action at the wedding?  Yes, you do.

“To move beyond blame, people with diabetes of all kinds can work together to make life less stressful for themselves.”  This is a great article about diabetes stigma, with a much-needed focus on type 2 diabetes, from Diabetes Forecast.

A very short video I did with the American Journal of Managed Care about patient engagement in diabetes care.

And a viewpoint from the healthcare provider:  “This is why ‘relationship centered’ rather than ‘patient centered’ care is key.”

So, there’s this linguistic tic wherein people use the word “so” to open up an extensive answer to a question

Clearly the Healthline people are not aware of my affinity for curse words.

“A diabetic Rikers Island inmate in desperate need of insulin slowly died over 14 hours as correction officers did nothing — even after the man collapsed and vomited, bombshell documents show.”  A “holy shit” article looking at diabetes in the prison system.

*   *   *

And after this weekend, “summer” is officially over, with my Bird going to kindergarten and my days opening up to include a full and properly scheduled day of work.  I’m looking forward to ramping up work, but I will miss spending the day with Batman.

Beach bat

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Happy weekend, you guys.



The Friday Six: Catching Up.

Hi!  I still write here.  I write a blog about things here.  This is my things blog, with diabetes stuff and other times not so much diabetes stuff.  Welcome to it.  (My brain is not entirely tuned in this morning.  Working on it.)  Coffee is helping, but it may take a few days to kick in.

Yesterday was a long day of traveling and I can say with certainty that my five year old kid is managing her jet lag better than I am.  (And we, as a family, were all up at 5 am and confusingly chipper about it.)  Thankfully, I really love to fly.

The wifi access while we were traveling was majorly woofy, allowing me to connect for brief minutes to let emails load and then not letting me reply to them, so my inbox is a muddled mess of things I’ve read and spazzed out about but haven’t had a chance to reply to yet. I missed a lot of really excellent Diabetes Blog Week posts.

Like this one.

And this one (the photo, once you see it, is un-see-able)

This one as well.

And this, about the personification of Sugar.

Oh how I loved this one, tooAnd this.

But this one was my favorite of all.

A huge THANK YOU to Karen for bringing the DOC together for the sixth year running.  I love Diabetes Blog Week, and she works so hard to keep it fresh, engaging, organic, and inviting.  You rock, Karen.  (#meowmeowmeow)

And in non-Diabetes Blog Week linky sort of things, I wanted to make sure I share, and reshare, the PLAID Journal.  Martin will be contributing a little Q&A here about the inception and development of his journal in the coming weeks, but in lieu of that you can read his post about it here.  His work is amazing, and as a contributor and a member of his editorial board, I am really proud to be part of it.  You can view issue 1 here.

Here’s a great update on glucose-responsive insulin.

I learned quite a bit about the type 2 experience from Brian’s post.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Dayle and Chris!!!

Oh, some photos from our trip?  I have a ton.

I feel like I missed a lot of work in the last week, with spotty Internet access.  Woofy wifi is not my favorite, but I can’t complain too much because the distractions of traveling were worth it.  Happy to have gone, but very happy to be home.


The Friday Six: Sea Serpent of Doom.

I’m not going to complain about the weather.  Nope.  Not even a little bit, because eventually it will be so balls hot that the sidewalks melt and crumble into an oatmealish texture, so I am going to be quiet about the fact that we STILL HAVE THE HEAT ON and it’s mid-April.

It’s time for some link-sharing, because there’s lots of curious bits and pieces to read.

Sixty-three years with type 1 diabetes.

Charlie Kimball and his continuous glucose monitor make the news again.

Is being a night owl bad for your health?  (I hope not.)

I really like this Instagram account:  Beyond Type 1.

Adam Brown issues ten diet commandments for better diabetes management.

What are your plans for July?  If you haven’t attended the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference, this year would be a great year to get to know your extended diabetes family for the first time.  Or to reconnect.  Either way, your heart will thank you for it, even if your pancreas is still too lazy to even get out of bed.

In pursuit of closing the loop.

DHF Joins Diabetes Advocacy Alliance.

diaTribe takes a look at the Diabetes UnConference.

This stupid fucking headline made me want to throw my computer.  The JDRF UK’s response on Facebook was awesome, though.

Patrick Peterson discloses that he’s diabetic.”  Yes, I had to cut-and-paste that headline because I know zero about anything related to football.

Dexcom® Introduces Apps That Enable the First Ever Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) on the Apple Watch”  Well hot damn, Dexcom!

I had no idea the Brontosaurus was ever up for debate.

And last week, I did one of those “drink wine and paint something while carefully supervised” sorts of events.  It was fun.  I’ve never painted anything before (other than the walls of our house and a birdhouse one time), and I followed most of the instructions. Until I got bored.

We did a paint-and-drink-wine thing, with careful instructions from a local artist. I followed most of the directions.

A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on

Happy weekend!!

The Friday Six: New Products, New Movie, and New Year.

Happy Friday!!  I’m on the road this weekend for the JDRF South Region TypeOneNation event in Nashville (or just south of Nashville, if you want to get all technical), and today I’m sharing a few links to things that have caught my eye.  See below for eye-catchy bits.

I love this list of Seven New Diabetes Products to Look for in 2015 from A Sweet Life. (This one excites me the most, so far!)

Knitted broccoli!

Chris’s film, THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, is available for download on iTunes today.  Check out the trailer (below) and you can download the film here!  (Yes, I’m biased.  And proud. Proudly biased!)

A t-shirt I want.

The Diabetes UnConference is coming up in March, and you can still register to attend this ground-breaking meeting.  Registration details are here.

This pump pouch from Too Sweet Boutique caught my eye because of its overwhelming amount of awesome.  Check out more designs here!

New favorite Twitter account:  Faces in Things

‘Tis almost the season to spare a rose.  Are you ready?

And lastly, happy diaversary, Cristina!

The Friday Six: A Ton of Many Things.

“What do you want to do today, Mom?” Birdy asked.

“I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”

Long pause.

“Mom, I want to do a ton of many things!”

A ton of many things.  That makes more sense to me than I’d care to admit.  That’s what’s going on in my head – a ton of so many things – and today I’m using this space to share some stuff:

A dozen different people linked me to this nativity scene, because it’s clearly in my wheelhouse.

Want some superhero snowflakes to grace your home this holiday season?  Dude, there are printable patterns.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and as the calendar pages turn, so does my attention … to Spare a Rose.  This is an initiative we can be proud of as a community, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much world-changing we can do, come February.  To stay up-to-date on the efforts, you can now “like” the Spare a Rose page on Facebook.  (But what would matter more is becoming part of the effort.  See Spare A Rose for details.)

Fingerless gloves make blood sugar checks in the freezing cold weather just a little bit easier.  To quote Pat Benatar (who did not say this): “Love, and diabetes, is a battlefield.”

Fingerless gloves: making life easier for blood sugar checks since the early 80's.

A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on

Mail kimp.

These look adorable, until they start to swell and disintegrate in your hot chocolate.

Diabetes burnout is one thing.  But what happens after diabetes burnout?  Renza’s post is raw, honest, and broke my heart a little bit.

Chris interviewed Chris.

“You know the scene. It’s breakfast time, on a school day, and there are 101 tasks to complete in an infinitesimally tiny timescale.”  This glimpse into morning routines gave me a grin.

If you’re at the Diabetes UnConference in March (and please do be do be dooooo!), you can be a high roller.  Which means you can get super scared of heights if you want.  Which I want!

Ever wonder if you and your insulin pump are a good fit for one another?  Check out Melissa’s article to help determine which pump is right for you!

Orgs supporting diabetes and exercise are becoming increasingly rare. This is scary shit, because exercise is IMPORTANT. Throwing some love to Connected in Motion as they discuss the evolution and plan their future.

“This is what it takes to start to feel better.  To feel happy.  To feel able.  And if I can’t do it on my own, then I’ll have to figure out who the right people are and get them on my bus to help me get further along down that road.  For now, it’s one mile at a time.”  This post from Martin is gorgeous – please take a read.

This song.  On repeat.  For the rest of the year:

Stuff shared.


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