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Infertility and Pregnancy August 15, 2016 3 Comments

No matter what I’m attempting to do, it’s all mapping out this way at the moment: Week 37. Officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been. At least it’s not 834 degrees outside. You might also like: Guest Post: Peer Support, and Mending a Broken Heart. Diabetes Blog Week (Late): Mantra Me. Diabetic Pregnancy: Third Trimester.


Antenatal Moody Blues.

Infertility and Pregnancy July 18, 2016 12 Comments

Back when we first talked about a second baby, Birdy was about three and it took us a few months to wrap our heads around the possibility of another kid.  But once we landed on “Let’s do it,” we assumed it would be a short process to conception.  We did not anticipate the wait that was on tap for this…


Captain’s Log: Week 32.

Infertility and Pregnancy July 11, 2016 13 Comments

Captain’s Log, Day 224 I have been in this womb structure for over 32 weeks, and all is well.  In weeks past, I’ve allowed the creature they call “Mother” to dictate many of our decisions, but boredom and a diminishing return on leg room is giving me the desire to kick things up a notch. Ha!  Kick.  I know that’s a…


t:slim with a Twist.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Products, Diabetes Tech, Infertility and Pregnancy, Insulin, Pumping Insulin, Real Life Diabetes, Robot Life June 6, 2016 6 Comments

Several months ago, I switched insulin pumps.  (Here is the post about the switch, and please read this post about the disclaimer that initiated the switch.  My full disclosure page is here.)  My first impressions of the t:slim pump were drummed up over a year ago, after trialing one for a few weeks, but my real t:slim immersion came once…


Diabetic Pregnancy: 25 Weeks and Counting Slooooowly.

Infertility and Pregnancy May 24, 2016 15 Comments

A quick-ish update on pregnancy stuff.  It’s week 25 and I’m deep into the second trimester, just about ready to launch into the third and final lap on this baby stuff.  Warning:  I’m feeling uncomfortable and whiny this evening, so read this post through a lens of hopefully-forgiveable waaaaaaaaah. Blood sugars.  I have them.  And they continue to be weird.  I…


Guest Post: Peer Support, and Mending a Broken Heart.

Guest Diabetes Blogger, Infertility and Pregnancy April 27, 2016 9 Comments

Anna Floreen was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six, and she lives in the Boston area with her husband and their adorable puppy dog.  She’s currently working as the Community Outreach Manager for Glu and travels the country speaking at diabetes-related events.  A champion for diabetes camps and peer-to-peer support, Anna works tireless to build up the…