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Grocery Wars

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The wheels on the grocery cart clatter against the store’s tile floor as my Internal Motivational Speaker and My Stomach wage war inside my head. Internal Motivational Speaker:  Oh Kerri, don’t those organic cucumbers look delicious!  You can slice them up and eat them as a snack in the morning.  Grab two of those. My hands extend out and grab…



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Diagnosed as a kid, I don’t remember ever having the option to snack recklessly.  My mother and father, determined to keep me as healthy as possible, packed me school snacks that would bring great joy to … an 80 year old woman maybe.  However, I was eight years old and toting around a lunch sack containing rice cakes and carrot…


The Sharon Fruit and Spam

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I feel generally creepy about eating foods named for people.  Granny Smith apples (Julia, please tell me you’d seen the Eddie Izzard bit about Mrs. Smith not making it big in the apple business until she encouraged her daughter to have a baby…), The Roker, or Eggs Benedict.   But I may have found an exception to the rule. The Sharon fruit. This delicious Sharon…