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YCDT: Encouraging Independence.

There’s an excellent, and inspiring, new You Can Do This video centered on parents helping their children with diabetes gain independence.

From the YCDT site:  “Independence in any aspect of a teen’s life can be a double-edged sword for parents – while parents want their children to be capable, that same capability is the gateway to their separation and evolution into adulthood. Independence can be a scary concept as it means children are ready to try their wings. Flying on their own means that sometimes they will fall and make mistakes, but most importantly it means that they are growing up.”

Check it out, and if you are ready to submit your own You Can Do This video, submission details are here.


Learning from Mistakes.

I make so many mistakes, but I’m grateful for a supportive community that inspires me to learn … both from mistakes, and from their collective experiences.

(Holy crap am I sorry I talked so fast in that clip.  It was like NaNoWriMo hosted by one breath.)

Holidays and Diabetes: Fun-Free Pie.

Last year, Abby and I took to the computer for a frank, serious discussion about the holidays and diabetes.  But then it digressed into a chat about how friends and relatives handle diabetes, what are our favorite holiday desserts, and the influx of fun-free pie (no recipe, but there is one for the pumpkin roll, which is mentioned several times throughout).

What recipes are your favorite for holidays indulgences?  And do you put ketchup on your mashed potatoes?

Taste Test.

Since it’s December now, I hope it’s okay to revisit a video that includes a festive ol’ tree in the background.  This video is about how awesome coffee is … and why it matters that the order is RIGHT.

(See also:  Now I put my own fake sugar in the cup, instead of playing coffee roulette.)



Talking About Diabetes Burnout.

Diabetes is every day, but burnout doesn’t have to be.


Global Connections in the DOC.

In October, I was in Barcelona for the 2nd European Blogger Summit put on by Animas and had the opportunity to brainstorm with several diabetes bloggers from across the pond.  (And some from waaaay across the other pond there on the far left … I’m talking to you, Australia.)

This video is a compilation of some of the things we took away from the summit, and what our hopes are for the coming year.

Check out these blogs from the folks in the video:


Insulin Independent

Mein Diabetes Blog

Project D’s Blog

The Grumpy Pumper

The Understudy Pancreas

Tutti I Diabetici Uniti In Rete


Hope vs. Fear: The Video Edition.

A million years ago (in Internet time, I think that translates to about eleven months ago), I had the opportunity to work with the team at Novo Nordisk and a few hyper-local Rhode Island/Massachusetts diabetes advocates to create a series of videos.  Our focus was on how hope can be a more powerful motivator than fear, in terms of staying dedicated to the daily duties of diabetes.

We were slated to create one video, but the discussions ended up creating three different videos on that same theme.  And here they are, featuring Katy from Big Foot Child Have Diabetes, Ryan from Diabetic Cyclist, and The Briley from InDpendence:

HUGE thanks to Katy, Ryan, and Briley for their patience and participation, and to Novo Nordisk for their support.



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