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The One About Broken Windows.

Tackling diabetes, one window at a time.

(See also:  caulk)

(And the second part of the CGM in the Cloud write-up will be up on Monday. A long night with a cranky Bird didn’t make for any decent writing. Thanks for your patience!)

Video: Diabetes Complications.

I feel like when people are diagnosed with diabetes-related complications, all of a sudden they feel like they have to hide somewhere and they aren’t allowed to talk about it, so they’re not able to get the support that they need to deal with this new diagnosis.

My macular edema diagnosis didn’t mark the end of my life as a healthy person; it just marks the beginning of a new journey with a new health condition.

You owe it to yourself to live the best life possible.  Even with whatever you’ve got.

What I’m Watching: YCDT, Diabetes Hope, and Sh*t PWD Say.

Looking for something to watch while you have your morning coffee?  Here are a few videos to check out:

This one is new – a “We Can Do This” video from the You Can Do This Project, centered on type 1 diabetes and celiac disease:

This one is a quick promo for the Diabetes Hope Conference, taking place digitally on May 20th at high noon ET.  Register today!

This one is older, but I still love it because this morning I’ve already been on the search for “my pricker” now twice.

And revisiting the People Who Live in my Computer, mostly because Birdzone was asking about Scott this morning:

Happy watching!

Shake It Like a Bottle of Test Strips.

I can’t stop – I shake that stupid bottle of test strips EVERY SINGLE TIME before I open it.



What, you don’t?!

YCDT: Encouraging Independence.

There’s an excellent, and inspiring, new You Can Do This video centered on parents helping their children with diabetes gain independence.

From the YCDT site:  “Independence in any aspect of a teen’s life can be a double-edged sword for parents – while parents want their children to be capable, that same capability is the gateway to their separation and evolution into adulthood. Independence can be a scary concept as it means children are ready to try their wings. Flying on their own means that sometimes they will fall and make mistakes, but most importantly it means that they are growing up.”

Check it out, and if you are ready to submit your own You Can Do This video, submission details are here.


Learning from Mistakes.

I make so many mistakes, but I’m grateful for a supportive community that inspires me to learn … both from mistakes, and from their collective experiences.

(Holy crap am I sorry I talked so fast in that clip.  It was like NaNoWriMo hosted by one breath.)

Holidays and Diabetes: Fun-Free Pie.

Last year, Abby and I took to the computer for a frank, serious discussion about the holidays and diabetes.  But then it digressed into a chat about how friends and relatives handle diabetes, what are our favorite holiday desserts, and the influx of fun-free pie (no recipe, but there is one for the pumpkin roll, which is mentioned several times throughout).

What recipes are your favorite for holidays indulgences?  And do you put ketchup on your mashed potatoes?


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