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Last night, I had a chance to attend the premier of Discovery Health’s documentary, Diabetes:  A Global Epidemic, held at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.  The documentary follows former American Diabetes Association president and head of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Fran Kaufman, around the globe as she visits different countries and explores…


Penguin Girl and the Exploding Pixies

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After reading everyone’s comments and assessing the situation (taking into account that it was also snowing for the first time this winter and I was going to be faced with the Bread and Milk Soup people no matter where I went), I trotted off to CVS after my workout last night and picked up Aveeno Intense Relief hand cream.  It had the words…


Rotten Hands

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This happens to me every winter:  I get to work, take off my gloves, log on to my computer, and then realize that a thin line of blood is smeared on my knuckle.   Cracked and mangled, these little hands are. My hands become so dry and uncomfortable during the bitter cold seasons.  Is it diabetes-related?  Or is it because I have sensitive skin…


Take that, Squirrel!

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Things were starting to look a little fuzzy.  I was having some trouble, seeing blurry bits, and a pounding in my brain that was matched only by the sounds of people’s heels on the industrial flooring here at dLife.   In particular, it was my right eye that was bothering me. The panic was on a slow boil, starting with those little…


Verdict Overturned.

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So I worked hard on my bloodsugar control. Tested pretty constantly. Blew through about a bottle of strips every two days or so. And I went to the gym. Nothing outrageous and I am by no means a certified professional (as exhibited by my wardrobe’s lack of pink sweatpants), but I went. And went consistently, save for the car accident…


What They Found.

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What they found: a “cotton wool spot along the vascular arcade superior temporal in the right eye.” What that is: a swelling of the surface layer of the retina, when a part of the eye isn’t provided with enough oxygen due to a damaged blood vessel. What They said: “Don’t get worked up about it. It could have been there last year when…


The Verdict in my Eyes.

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I’d like for everything I post to be uplifting and inspiring … to fill other diabetics and parents of diabetic children with some semblance of hope. To come across these vignettes and find solace therein. But sometimes I am scared. I can’t think of any other way to say it – I’m nervous tonight. It will have been nineteen years…