Sometimes, I see things and I think they are a wonderful visual representation of diabetes, like the game Perfection. And this pot.

My blood sugars are a heavy pot of boiling water. A rolling boil, the ones where you look at the water and see the bubbles coming up like predictable and methodical pewter poetry. Scary if I were to reach in, but when I watch the patterns and take care to keep it from boiling over or evaporating away, it’s okay. Instead, I hold it by its uncomfortable handles, oven mitts of education and access and privilege on my hands, finding balance oh so very carefully.

I hold that pot. Every day. And make sure I don’t get burned.

And somehow? All of us? We make it work.

The Facebook page I found this image on is called The Uncomfortable. Click over and take a look at the designs. They are aptly named.