Seems like there’s been a yearly theme since … like 1986.

I found this paper in a box in my basement, one that had been given to me by my father years ago as he was cleaning out our family home. I’ve had it for ages but it’s taken me until this week to start going through it.

I found all the manilla paper “get well soon” cards that my classmates made for me in second grade, the year I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (More on those later – they are amazing.) There were several letters from my pediatric endocrinologist, talking about changes to my Regular and NPH sliding scale. Lots of Joslin Clinic newsletters.

And this, my New Year’s Resolutions for 1988, two years after my diagnosis.

Note: There wasn’t ever a risk of me flunking out of school.
I have no idea why this is on my list.

Number 1: To handle my diabetes better. Still one of my top five resolutions every year, the constant on my “can do better” improvement list. Even thirty-two years later, that hope for better outcomes perseveres.

(And yeah, I’ll also revisit “being good.”)