Wake up.
Avoid shit that makes me feel crummy.
Surround myself with people who make me feel like I’m understood.
Drink just enough coffee to keep my eyelids pinned open but not so much that the room feels filled with bees.
Check in on my blood sugars.
Care about those numbers.
Care about myself enough to care about those numbers.
When things are tough, find a reason to keep smiling.
Be a loving mother to my children.
Be a supportive friend to my husband.
Be good to my mom.
Keep my body nimble.
Make sure my mind is just as nimble.
Laugh as often as possible because shit is weird all the time.
Be nice to people.
Say I’m sorry when I’m sorry but not as a default phrase.
Hug the cats because they are nice and fluffy.
Love my tribe.
Love my friends.
Love my family.