This is a sponsored post. I am using my social media platforms to share this information with my readers because I believe in spreading useful information to people with diabetes. And I am doing this as a favor to Scott Johnson, who works for mySugr, because he is a friend and I like to support friends, especially when they’re aiming to make diabetes suck less. So everything you’re reading below is my opinion and perspective, accompanied by images provided by the mySugr team. I did receive a mySugr Bundle several months ago as part of a PR roll out and have been using their meter/strips whenever I check.

I am not being paid for this post or any clicks you make on it.

Phew! That’s a hell of a disclosure. For my official SixUntilMe disclosure page, you can click this link. And to skip this post and just go see what mySugr has to offer, click this link.  (Although I’d read it all the way through because there’s a giveaway down there …)

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Thirty two years with type 1 diabetes and I’ll admit to having some trouble letting go of this whole “pricking my finger” thing.

I mean, it’s been what I grew up doing. It’s always been the gold standard of what my blood sugar actually IS, and I dose a pretty serious drug off the data I’ve received from my meter. Which means I need to have access to a meter and strips, and the knowledge of how to respond to the numbers I see, and a level of trust in the data I’m receiving.

For the last few months, I’ve been using the mySugr Bundle to keep tabs on my blood sugar. When I was pregnant with my son, I checked my blood sugar all the frigging time because that’s what helped my T1D pregnancy chug along most safely. But since his birth, and since starting on the Dexcom G6, I admittedly check my BG much less now than I used to.

Checking now remains a big deal, though, because I’m cross-checking my CGM data every time I prick my finger. Comparing my meter result to my Dexcom result is a powerful reminder of the accuracy and precision of both monitoring tools, and I like when they are all matchy-matchy.

The importance of BG monitoring is not lost on me. And not lost on the hundreds and thousands of people with diabetes who use these data points to make serious medication decisions that help them maintain good health. No joke. And also not cheap. (But hang on – there’s a giveaway coming – keep reading!)

Which brings me directly to the whole mySugr offering – the Bundle, yo. The mySugr Bundle is “an automatic, unlimited strip delivery that adjusts to your changing needs at a low monthly price.” But it’s not just unlimited test strips – you’ll also have access to “world-class CDE’s via mySugr Coach and upgraded access to the award winning mySugr logging app, which gives you an estimated HbA1c, offers PDF reports for your doctor, logs carbs, meds, activity, etc., and helps you leverage your data with smart search options.”

Not a bad deal.

The mySugr Bundle is available for a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, so even if you don’t win either of these giveaways, you’re still able to access this Disney-esque fast pass to reliable data from a patient-run company that cares deeply about people with diabetes. Hence the whole “make it suck less” tagline; they mean it because they live it.

And now the giveaway part of this sponsored post: here is the chance for me to share the “make diabetes suck less” opportunity to YOU.  mySugr has given me a few perks to pass along and I’m stoked to share them:

There are two 6 month mySugr Bundle subscriptions up for grabs (valued at $916 and available to US residents who are new to mySugr Bundle only – existing users are not eligible for this bit).

There are also three 1 year mySugr Pro voucher codes for upgrades and enhancements (almost wrote “enchantments”) to the free mySugr app (a $83.97 value – so specific!), valid in all countries where the app is available.

To see more about the mySugr Bundle deal, click on this subtle button:

So subtle!!!

To enter to win the subscription giveaway, leave a comment on this post with a valid email address and I’ll select the winners from those entries.  Contest closes Monday, September 17th at 9 pm eastern and the winners will be selected and emailed on Tuesday, September 18th. 

Thanks to the team at mySugr for providing this information, this giveaway, and this chance to make diabetes suck less.