Why the Diabetes Empowerment Summit?

“Because it is a tool that I wish I had when I was struggling, and I want to help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare, and the emotional tools we all need but are not given at the doctor’s office.”


Daniele Hargenrader knows that people with diabetes are grappling with more than just diabetes, and that psychosocial support is a necessary itch to scratch when it comes to managing diabetes in the context of real life.  Which is why she has created the Diabetes Empowerment Summit, taking place from November 1 – 5, entirely online and available to you for free.

Kerri:  What does your summit offer that others don’t?

DH:  As far as I know, this is the only diabetes conference of sorts that takes place solely online. We are passionate about focusing on the mental and emotional aspects of living with chronic disease, and we really wanted to make psychosocial support a much more visible part of Diabetes Awareness Month.

I am passionate about providing information that comes mostly from other people who live with diabetes themselves. Other online summits feature experts with valuable information, yet almost none of them actually understand the lived experience of diabetes, which is very important to me when seeking information about how to improve my life with diabetes.

Many in-person conferences are doing this as well, which is wonderful, though with our online format we are aiming to reach people with diabetes, our loved ones, and our healthcare practitioners who might not be able to attend an in person event.

Kerri:  Why online versus in-person? 

DH:  One of the biggest benefits to hosting an online summit is that it allows us to offer the event for free.

An online summit is like attending a diabetes conference (for ALL TYPES of diabetes) that has some of the most high caliber speakers, without having to pay for conference fees, travel costs, taking time off work, etc., and that you can watch at your leisure without worrying about missing the presentations that appeal most to you as all presentations are available to watch for 48 hours after its initial release.

Of course, you know I LOVE in person conferences, promote them all the time, and go to as many as possible, however, over the years of sharing these events with my community, I’ve received so much feedback saying that they’d love to attend these conferences yet cannot make it work financially, with their schedule, or with their location in the world, so I wanted to provide a memorable, educational experience as an alternative to those who can’t make in-person work right now.

Attendees can also post questions and comments, and interact with each other on a forum inside the Summit once the summit goes live on Nov. 1. I will be moderating throughout the Summit. You must register to participate!

Kerri:  And how do you want attendees to feel after attending the summit?

DH:  I would love for people to feel that they now have the tools they need to begin or continue to further their personal self-love and self-care practices in order to cultivate the mindset of empowerment in their lives more and more often.

The aim is for our attendees to feel more confident about continually making the wide variety of day to day choices we must make while living with diabetes.

After the summit, my hope is that the attendees will feel more connected to their community, and feel a stronger desire to treat themselves with the same love, care, and respect they treat their most treasured loved ones with.

Overall, we want them to feel and know that they are loved, not alone, and ENOUGH.

Kerri:  This sounds great.  How can folks find out more?

DH:  To find out more and to register for free, simply go to www.des2017.com