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October 2017

It’s Halloween, Witches!

Diabetes Poetry October 31, 2017 2 Comments

Time to run round neighborhoods! Time to collect up sweets and goods! Tricks and treats and being merry And time for some to run commentary. “Um … can you eat that?” Yes, I can. I can unwrap this Twix bar, man. Can place it in my open mouth Can chew it up and send it south. These things? I CAN….


Diabetes Empowerment Summit – November 1 – 5!

Diabetes Advocacy October 30, 2017 1 Comment

Why the Diabetes Empowerment Summit? “Because it is a tool that I wish I had when I was struggling, and I want to help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare, and the emotional tools we all need but are not given at the doctor’s office.” YES. Daniele Hargenrader knows that people with diabetes are grappling with more than just diabetes,…


Zoodles for your Face

Diet and Food, Gluten Free October 26, 2017 8 Comments

I had ten minutes to make something to eat while the little Guy napped and before a slate of conference calls began, and the zucchinis sitting on my kitchen counter were judging me for not cooking them yet.  So I made zoodles. I can’t cook.  And so can you! INGREDIENTS one large zucchini garlic cloves olive oil sea salt cherry…


Ordinary but Extraordinary

Uncategorized October 25, 2017 10 Comments

I will admit right here, right now that I admire people who accomplish incredible physical feats while also doing the whole diabetes thing.  Climbing Everest?  Hell yes!  Ultra marathon?  Hell yes!  Hang-gliding across Iceland while knitting a sweater onto your body as it hang-glides?  Hell to the absolute yes, why hasn’t anyone tried this? And I’ll also admit right here,…


Guest Post: My Sister Has Diabetes

Uncategorized October 20, 2017 2 Comments

A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t just affect the life of the person who is diagnosed … diabetes, for better or for worse, is a family affair.  I didn’t think about the influence of diabetes on my siblings until I was older, and I wish we has talked about it at home more.  Which is exactly why I’m honored to host a…



Diabetes Poetry October 18, 2017 1 Comment

Mornings start with graph checks and then we’re off to live Not all D things are solid, but we continue, we forgive. Lots to tackle, lots to manage, lots to do in this narration Though efforts might end up a little bit Lost in Translation Details of the day go by in a flurry But I’m blocking all the chaos…


The One About Animas.

Pumping Insulin October 17, 2017 18 Comments

[I have a disclosure about Tandem.  I had a previous disclosure about Animas.  Please read my disclosure page so you are aware of my bias.] Yeah.  I know the news cycle is 15 seconds long now and many people have already moved past the fact that Animas is closing shop, but I heard about it while I was on vacation…


Do You Hate Diabetes?

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Mental Health, Psychosocial Support October 11, 2017 8 Comments

I asked some friends on Facebook if they hated diabetes, and the answers* were as varied as the folks responding: “I hate it, the hassle, and the complications but I do not hate the growth amd strength I’ve achieved or the family I’ve gained because of it.” “I don’t hate it as a thing but it does annoy me. At…