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Break Glass in Case of Emergency

The low alarm goes off and my arm snakes out from underneath the covers in slow motion, a serpent in search of snacks.

The jar of glucose tabs sits on my bedside table, most often collecting dust but on this night, it’s an essential item.  I flip open the lid and count out four tabs, piling them on the side of the bed and chomping down one of them while I lean on one arm.

Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Seems like I’m peckish instead of panicked.  But the room is spinning a little and my peripheral vision comes and goes while the low blood sugar laps at the edge of my ability to reason.  What time is it?  Are the kids still asleep?  Siah is a fat lump at the end of the bed, one eye open and staring at me while I cram another tab into my mouth.  I’m confused about the day and time but I know exactly how to put the glucose tabs into a precisely stacked pile and slowly work my way through them, hoping they work quickly.  My husband is asleep, unaware that anything out of the ordinary is happening.

Chomp, chomp, chomp at 3 am after the blaring of my Dexcom alarm, the jar of tabs literal lifesavers on the bedside table.

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  1. Ria #

    I don’t know why , but this made me think of a pez dispenser with glucose tabs in it
    You just hold up the dispenser with the four tabs and chomp until they’re gone
    The ornament on the dispenser could be a mouth or something

    08/29/17; 5:03 pm
    • WANT.

      08/29/17; 9:26 pm
      • Ria #

        Now we need someone to manufacture them
        I’m just the idea person ha ! Only a diabetic would think of this

        08/30/17; 10:35 am
  2. Deb #

    Why are glucose tabs always so darn big? Pea-sized ones would be great?

    08/29/17; 9:48 pm
  3. Deb #


    08/29/17; 9:48 pm
  4. Adrianna #

    I DO NOT like glucose tabs. Any flavor. They are gritty and I don’t know what else. Give me a small amount of o.j. and four crackers each with a smear of peanut butter. That’s usually enough to get me through. Or the little bottles – any flavor but orange is LEAST favorite. I know the tabs are much cheaper; at that point I don’t care: just give me what I want.

    08/29/17; 11:55 pm
  5. Sandy Brooks #

    I can totally relate!! But instead of glucose tabs I have rolls of Smarties strewn about the top of my nightstand. I need to get some kind of container and clean them up so they’re easier to grasp when I’m in the middle of a low and have very poor eye to hand coordination!!

    I’m so glad u have an early morning low system that brings u back to feeling human!!! HUGS!!!! Happy Birthday to ur little one!!!

    08/30/17; 12:49 am
  6. So glad you’re OK once again! Happy Birthday to the one-derful son 🙂 Very thankful for Dexcom (and other CGMs) for those low alarms. It was interesting to watch my daughter’s tonight 127 but the arrow is leaning down, then later uh oh 47!!!

    08/30/17; 2:30 am
  7. Melissa E #

    I do this exact same thing in the middle of the night…count out 4, stack them on the bed, and then work my way through. I had too many times where I would forget how many I had eaten, so stacking them helps me make sure I get all 4!

    08/30/17; 12:15 pm
  8. Richard Cohe #

    Chomp chomp chomp! Thanks for posting Kerri. That’s the way it is!

    08/30/17; 12:27 pm

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