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I’ve been wearing an insulin pump since 2004 and even though I take pump vacations or go untethered every now and again, I prefer pumping over injections because it’s just EASIER to avoid high blood sugars if I’m wearing a pump.

Yep.  That’s my jam.  It’s not the basal rate programming that I can do (although that’s a nice plus) and it’s not the carbohydrate calculations that my pump can whiz through (although that’s a nice plus, too) and it’s not even the fact that I can be super discreet when taking my insulin (a welcomed departure from going full Science Guy at the dinner table) … it’s the ease of correcting highs.

With injections, I cannot be bothered to draw up 0.3u of insulin to correct a 155 mg/dL back down to 100 mg/dL.  For some reason, that doesn’t seem “worth it.”  But on the pump, I’ll ding in those little doses to keep myself streamlined, and my A1C thanks me for it.

So diabetes reasons win when it comes to pumping. But sometimes getting dressed is a pain in the ass, making mashing up my wardrobe with my diabetes devices a  challenge.  Insulin pump squirreled away in my bra as a disco boob is not optimal all the time.  And dresses don’t present a lot of options outside of the bra …

Unless.  The dress.  HAS POCKETS.

I love dresses.  Love, love, love.  They are comfortable and not too sweaty gross and they are just lovely.  Love them.  And when the dress has a pocket, you can snip a little hole right in the top of the pocket, lace your pump tubing through the hole, and nest your pump safely and soundly into the pocket pouch.

Like these *:

  1. Women’s Lace Yoke Striped Knit Swing Dress
  2. Frondescent Fete A-Line Dress in Dusk Thicket
  3. Renewed Resplendence A-Line Dress in Ocean
  4. One-Shoulder Ponte Fit-and-Flare Dress
  5. Vila Shift Dress With Pockets
  6. Linen fit and flare dress
  7. Short-sleeved Jersey Dress
  8. Knee-length Dress
  9. Women’s Soybu Sleeveless Surplice Dress
  10. Pack Everywhere Dress

It’s kangarooing your pancreas, without going full marsupial.  And I am a fan.

(* And none of these links are affiliate links.  They are just links to the dresses because POCKETS and PUMPS and those two things should be teammates for sure.  Ooh, and here are 33 [larry bird] more dresses that have pockets.)

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  1. Jessie #

    I have gotten to the point now where I only consider dresses with pockets for this exact reason! Pump in one pocket, dexcom receiver in the other. Thanks for sharing some that you like!

    My latest issue is finding a nursing friendly dress with pockets. I did find this one that seems to fit the requirements and will be wearing to an upcoming event:
    Zattcas V Neck Floral Maxi Pocket

    Then this one looks like it is out of stock currently, but the designer, Eliza J, tends to have dresses with pockets if you have a fancier event to attend. I wore it to a formal wedding, and sharing in case that is useful to any other readers as I tend to go back to stores or designers that I know make dresses with pockets if I need a new one: Eliza J Print Jacquard Ball gown

    08/24/17; 12:09 pm
  2. Susan #

    Love this! I have been pumping for 3 years and have virtually given up on dresses. How do you snip the hole without it tearing and becoming a bigger hole?

    08/24/17; 12:13 pm
  3. I’m all about dresses with pockets!!!! I’ve noticed New York & Co seems to put pockets in most of their dresses. Also, after Briely mentioned getting a dress with pockets from StitchFix, I added that to my profile and my next box had a dress with pockets in it!

    08/24/17; 12:28 pm
  4. There are very few days, that I am not thankful that men are expected to wear pants in our culture. Every time I see one of these posts, I think OMG if I had to worry about where to put my pump, I would likely just stay home.

    I tip my hat to the ladies, this proves you are much more creative than us men. But you knew that already.

    (See I have been married for 40 years, I am learning)

    08/24/17; 7:54 pm
  5. Sandy T #

    I just have pockets added to any dress I purchase that doesn’t have pockets already. Most already have them.

    08/24/17; 9:32 pm
  6. Adrianna #

    That’s exactly why I love my Insulet OmniPod. No pocket needed! I also have a Myabetic “wallet” that holds my supplies. I took the Dexcom out of its holder and carry it in the outside zipper pocket. Very handy; the Myabetic comes in a variety of lovely colors; mine is bright red. I carry it EVERYWHERE!

    08/24/17; 9:37 pm
  7. Dresses aren’t the cheapest on, but they will customize pretty much any dress to have pockets if it doesn’t already have them on the base model. They also will customize neckline and sleeve type/length, to your height, etc. I was waiting to get a decent job to order from them myself, but it’s nice to know someone will actually build the options.

    *PS I was in no way compensated to make this statement, I’m just in awe of sites that sell sizes 0 to like 26 that also will give you pockets!

    08/29/17; 1:35 pm
  8. Mariana Hernández #

    Love this!

    10/21/17; 10:14 am

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