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Free Shower.

(to the tune of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Free Fallin’)

He’s a good pump, does his job well
Loves priming and bolusing too.
He’s a good pump, crazy ‘bout islets
Gives insulin when those islets don’t come through.

It’s a long week being my Dex sensor
There’s adhesive workin’ while I play
And I’m a happy girl cause I don’t even miss them
I’m a happy girl on site change day

And I’m free, free showerin’
Yeah I’m free, free showerin’

All devices are sitting on my counter
Going nowhere until I put them on my bod.
And all the good pumps are taking their short leave
And all the good sensors are still in plastic sleeves

‘Cause I’m free, free showerin’
Yeah I’m free, free showerin’

Free showerin’, now I’m free showerin’
Now I’m free showerin’, now I’m free showerin’

I’m gonna dry off and refill my cartridge
I’m gonna peel back adhesive tapey rings
I’m gonna free shower but then when it’s over
I’ll reconnect with these live-saving things.

For now I’m free, free showerin’
Yeah I’m free, free showerin’

Yeah I’m free, free showerin’
Oh! Free showerin’
Now I’m free
Free showerin’

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  1. Janet Bell #

    Fantastic song redo, Kerri. We can all relate to that freeness! Thanks for all you do for us T1D folks!!

    08/1/17; 11:52 pm
  2. Elci #

    I love this song. It’s true freedom when I don’t have to carry anything on my body. I can relate!

    08/2/17; 1:31 am
  3. Ria #

    I love this…
    You’re so creative !
    ” Wanna write your ….
    Name in the sky…..
    Hope my blood sugar…..
    Doesn’t get too high…..”
    Sorry, couldn’t resist

    08/2/17; 11:18 am
  4. Oh, I love this!

    08/2/17; 2:09 pm
  5. Beth K #

    As a child of the ’70’s and a long-time fan of Tom Petty’s music, this is great! I could even hear Tom singing it!

    08/5/17; 8:28 am

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