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Returning to diaTribe.

After a long hiatus, I’m back at diaTribe and explaining where the hell I disappeared to:

“Diabetes is the dog I don’t like but I still have to be kind to. It barks and occasionally pees on the floor (or worse), it has chewed up at least ten of my shoes, and it jumps up and freaks out whenever the doorbell rings. And somehow it has me on a short leash. But even if I’m not into having this dog, I still have to walk it and feed it. It still needs to be cared for and protected. I am its reluctant owner, but at least it behaves when it has my attention. When it’s well-groomed and attended to, it doesn’t bite me. And becoming a parent meant I needed to protect my children from the beasts in my house (with diabetes falling into that beastly category).”

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  1. Hi Kerri – enjoying your writing as always 🙂 Thought you might be interested to know that I shared two of your opening descriptions in this Diatribe piece with a new DOC friend who is a T1 librarian (I can relate!!) who was working on a libguide for teens with T1 and looking for resources about how to talk about what it is like to live with T1 with your friends. I think your comparisons to apps on an iPhone running in the background and using up battery life and to a dog you don’t feel like taking care of are both perfect and relatable for teens in ways that so many other descriptions wouldn’t be. Thanks so much!

    07/25/17; 6:42 pm

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