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Useless Juice.

We don’t drink juice “for fun” in our house; it’s only for low blood sugars, considered almost as medicinal as the insulin hiding out in the butter compartment of our fridge.

So when I came home with these juice boxes unintentionally, I was pissed.

35% less sugar?  That’s exactly what I don’t want!

Useless juice.  I’m bringing it back and swapping it out for the fixes-a-40mg/dL-at-4am kind of juice.  The high octane juice.  Proper juice.

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  1. John #

    Ha! Amen to proper juice!

    06/28/17; 1:31 am
  2. How do they take the sugar out of the fruit? Or perhaps it’s 35% less added sugar compared to juices that have added sugar? I agree, buy the real stuff, it’s less confusing!

    06/28/17; 3:41 am
  3. Tracy #

    They water it down! It tastes gross, like when people add ice to juice (also pointless) . I have tried them and end-up drinking three to get my sugar to come up, which makes sense mathematically (35×3=105). I buy juice in bulk and it is the real 100% stuff. I was drinking pure before I was diagnosed. I never understood why sugar is added to stuff God already made sweet. Don’t mess with God’s design! that includes watering it down. Soapbox too high, thank you.

    06/28/17; 6:40 am
  4. I agree less sugar in fruit juice sounds like more water. So now you can drink 3 for 1.

    06/28/17; 10:10 pm
    • Tracy #

      I drink three to get the same results for one “real” juice box. They have about the same fluid ounces so…

      06/30/17; 8:08 pm
  5. Tim Steinert #

    My sister has bought juice for me on occasion, and it’s always organic or some such nonsense. I don’t need a microbrewery beer here, sis, Bud will do just fine!

    07/15/17; 6:46 pm
    • LOL!! Microbrewed juice.

      07/16/17; 9:38 pm

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