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May 2017

Twelve Years Old.

Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community May 4, 2017 6 Comments

My blog turns twelve years old today. Twelve years ago, I was a twentysomething mess wondering if I was the only PWD who wanted to connect with other like-pancreased people.  Twelve years later, I’m a thirtysomething mess who has found her peers and benefitted from those connections in ways that far surpass any drop in A1C. Grateful doesn’t even begin…


The Eyeball Situation Becomes Diabetes-Related.

Healthcare May 3, 2017 5 Comments

The initial cause:  a rogue fingernail attached to a cute baby The recurring issue:  repeated corneal tearing The reason for the repeats:  diabetes The original eyeball issue came up seven years ago, when Birdy was about nine months old and she unwittingly scraped her thumbnail against my right eye, ripping off a small shred of my epithelium layer.  This was pretty…


Body Wars.

Blood Sugars, Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes May 2, 2017 8 Comments

The Good:  Birdy’s seventh birthday party went off without a hitch.  The cake was made, the guests were fed, the bouncy castle was a source of glee for kids and adults alike, and my daughter spent the day red-faced from jumping, laughing with her friends, and covered in cake frosting.  Cannot ask for more than that. The Bad:  On Friday…