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Body Wars.

The Good:  Birdy’s seventh birthday party went off without a hitch.  The cake was made, the guests were fed, the bouncy castle was a source of glee for kids and adults alike, and my daughter spent the day red-faced from jumping, laughing with her friends, and covered in cake frosting.  Cannot ask for more than that.

The Bad:  On Friday morning, my right eye was sore and puffy and those familiar “corneal tear” feelings were close to the surface.  Sometimes this happens and my eye settles down after a few hours (after lots of preservative free tear drops and very little screen time).  And other times, this means the eyeball is cooked and the cornea is going to fully tear.

Which it did.  Friday afternoon, I was lucky enough to get in with my local ophthalmologist, and being the hero human that he is, he was able to confirm the tear, give me some antibiotic drops to help minimize swelling and speed up healing, and then he slapped a bandage contact on my eye so I could function almost normally.  “Your vision out of that eye will be cloudy because of the contact, but hopefully the pain will be greatly reduced.  Come see me next week and we’ll take it out before you travel again.”

Awesome.  This went from bad to better.  Thank goodness for modern medicine.  (More on the eye thing in a bit because that’s an ongoing story.)

Emergency eye appointment (torn cornea, round 8). PWD everywhere … even in the magazines. #waitingwithdiabetes

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The Ugly:  Armed with the bandage contact and a babysitter, we took Birdy out on Friday night for a show she wanted to see.  And she loved it.  And we loved it (as much as parents love kids’ shows sort of thing).  And about halfway through the show, I decided I didn’t love it because my stomach was churning and my blood sugars were rising quickly.

Figuring I had a busted infusion set or maybe this was a blood sugar response to eye pain, I sat in the lobby for the rest of the show and tried to get my head straight and stomach settled.

But on the ride home from Providence, my purse went from carrying my wallet and car keys to holding my puke.  Not my best moment.  But it all went in the bag so that’s something.

And for the rest of Friday night, well into Saturday morning, my body spent those hours rejecting all of its contents.  I haven’t thrown up from being sick in at least 15 years (the only times I’ve vomited in the last whatever decades have been after c-sections).  This was a whole new and horrible party, which gave way to severe dehydration (despite sucking down diet flat ginger ale and water), fever, high blood sugars, and small to moderate ketones.

I spent Saturday in bed, sleeping or throwing up, while my kid’s birthday party took place outside.  It took about 48 hours to fully clear this bug, and the aftermath still included ketones and a general dizziness.  And it totally threw me because I’m usually able to work through sickness pretty quickly, if I get sick at all.  I don’t ever spend the day in bed, unable to stand up because I’m too weak or too sick to eat.  This was gross and new territory for me.  And it forced a quick and necessary review of the sick day rules.

This is what 24 hrs of violent vomiting did to my blood sugars. #insulinbecamewater

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The Recap:  The circus of vomiting has stopped.  My blood sugars, thanks to a 200% basal rate and some injections and plenty of hydration and vigilant ketone testing, have come down quite a bit and hopefully will be less offensive soon.  My family seems to have escaped the germs so far; hopefully locking myself into the master bedroom and hiding like The Big Man on Campus helped. No cats have puked yet. And once this eyeball heals up, diabetes can go back to being the top health dog.

… oh, and I cleaned out my purse.  I plan to keep using it.  And I’ll never tell you which one it is.

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  1. Jennifer #

    Oh Kerri, my heart goes out to you. My second daughter started her school year with one of those corneal tears, and was told that once you have one your chances of them happening with more frequency are high. I couldn’t imagine adding T1D into that mix. So far, my little T1D girl hasn’t had to deal with any flu or illness beyond a mild cold in the three years since diagnosis. But I know it’s coming. Thanks for a real life look at mothering, T1Ding, and more. You are a hero to me, and I’m confident your little Birdy would say the same.

    05/2/17; 9:59 am
  2. k2 #

    Kerri –
    I am so sorry you’ve had to deal with all of the above – totally sucks!
    Sending you lots of love; good vibes, a better eyeball, and boatloads of badass mojo!

    05/2/17; 4:34 pm
  3. The last time that happened to me,, oh never mind. Let’s say I have a new car since then.

    05/2/17; 8:56 pm
  4. basic Joe #

    I feel for you! Despite my having almost 58 years with T1D, on the rare occasion I get sick I don’t get much impact on my Bg.

    05/2/17; 9:32 pm
  5. Bruce #

    I had that flu thing, my sugars ran high the second week. I had to bump my Basal 100% for a week and then was bolusing every 2 hours to compensate. By the end of the weekend I had given myself triple my daily amount of Insulin to keep within range. I called my Endo on Monday and by my appointment on Wednesday things were all normal.

    05/3/17; 12:03 am
  6. Sandy T #

    You kept the bag! Really?

    Glad you are feeling better. You just described my sick day(s) fear. Haven’t been really sick since I was diagnosed.

    05/3/17; 7:13 am
  7. Ginger Vieira #

    Oh my, I know this happened over a week ago and you’re all better but what the heck universe, leave Kerri (and her purse collection) alone!

    05/10/17; 9:15 pm

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